Monday, October 21, 2013

Tim Tales and a Fall Shoot

Well hello, and apologies for the Monday update, I simply ran out of time this weekend. In truth I can't remember much of last week it all seems like a blur, it was only 4 working days but they were crammed packed and busy.

Rob and I decided to go to the camera club last Wednesday, I saw a couple of faces I haven't seen in the longest time. It was actually quite an interesting meeting with a good guest speaker, who was quite amusing in places talking about the re-emergence of film in the digital world. I am not adversed to the idea of film, but for me personally I have no intention of entering anything but my 'digital darkroom' and really wouldn't want to go back to the days of buying rolls of films and faffing around getting them developed only to find I have 3 decent shots on the roll. I remember over the years whilst travelling on holidays bringing back 12 rolls of film from a trip and the damn cost of getting them all developed, 50% of those images ended up in the bin or tucked away in a drawer never to see the light of day again.

Well that's enough walking down memory lane, on to this weekend. On Saturday morning I took one of my work colleagues Tanya to Shubie Park for a Fall photo shoot. I have wanted to do a Fall shoot with a model for such a long time now and finally I got my wish. I took Rachael along to help me, the weather was amazing and we had so much fun. Tanya really enjoyed herself and the three of us laughed so much at our antics.

We told Tanya about some of our adventures around the Province in recent months, in particular how we always seem to get ourselves in a pickle at Tim Horton's Drive Thu's. One time we pulled up to the speaker and Rachael asked for her Usual - 'a Dutchie'...which to this day I have never seen, they always reply in the same way... 'no sorry we don't carry those anymore, but we do sometimes have them as 'Tim Bits' and I always take the mickey out of her for asking...Well on this particular occasion, we then went on to ask what others they had, the girl said we have these new Apple, Caramel, Orange, Tangerine ones (now at this point, we meant donuts but she was talking Tim Bits). So I say yes we'll have two of those...To which she said which ones?, I said the ones you just said, she said Apple Caramel OR Orange Tangerine...Totally her fault for not punctuating her sentence correctly the first time for me to know she was describing 2
flavours....Anyhow, finally establishing the fact there were two types, I said, I will have 2 Orange Tangerine please (Rachael and I are wetting ourselves laughing at the whole scenario by this point)...But worse, when we pulled up to collect our order at the next window the girl hands me 2 Tim Bits...I said what's this? She said 2 Orange Tangerine Tim Bits...Seriously??? I mean who orders 2 Tim Bits?? We were pretty much hysterical by this point and had a queue of about 7 cars behind us...I said I thought these were donuts, She is so desperate to get rid of us by this point, she scrambles around for another bag and puts several more of the aforementioned Tim Bits in the bag and said here, take them....No More recently whilst pulling up, I missed the speaker altogether, as there were cars behind I couldn't reverse to order so I had to keep driving to the next window, at which point the young man said 'that will be $3.40 please, I just looked at him and said 'what for I haven't ordered yet?' Which then sent us into uncontrollable laughter...Poor guy having to deal with us. I have a theory that soon our faces will be on 'Wanted' type posters in every Tim's.

I digressed very badly there...Sorry. Anyway we finished our shoot and went home, in the evening we were out again with the photo club to capture some of the spectacles of an annual event called Nocturne in Halifax. Nocturne is an art at night event, there are all kinds of weird and wonderful exhibits around the Downtown area, the streets were pretty packed, and some of the stuff was pretty strange. The only thing I really liked was the circus fire show, we only stayed a couple of hours and then went home.

Sunday I sent pretty much all day editing images non-stop. I was very pleased with Tanya's images, as was she when she saw them today. I have included a few of my faves below (click to view larger).

In other news, my healthy eating continues, I went back to the dietitian last week, but was sorely disappointed to learn I have only dropped 4lbs. I am hoping this will get better by the next visit.

Music news...I am so pleased to report that the Barenaked Ladies (minus Steve) are back on form and their latest single and album are superb. Below is their video for the single 'Odds Are' and if you are not familiar with it I defy you not to be toe tapping and singing along by the end of it.

Beautiful Weather for a Fall Shoot

Very glam for a Saturday morning in the park!

I wish I had her legs instead of my stumps!


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