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Well hello followers.
It's been a couple of weeks since I have taken to the keyboard and updated you.
I have just enjoyed a blissful week off work. Shame it went by all too fast.

Last weekend Robert and I headed up to New Brunswick again, this time we were aiming to attend the Atlantic Balloon Fiesta in Sussex, New Brunswick, we had actually attending this event back in 2005 as tourists. Due to the popularity of the event, I had a hard job booking up a place close to it, and ended up staying in a very cute little village called Alma, which is just at the entrance to Fundy National Park and approximately an hour away from Sussex. When we got to Alma to check in, the weather had got rather drizzly. I can only describe Alma as like visiting Cornwall in the Alps...Fishing village surrounding by mountains.

After a quick look round, we bought our park pass and headed up over the other side of the mountain towards Sussex, where the weather was hot and sunny...Weird! We got to the Launch site for the balloons, where they was quite a bit going on, including a fun fair and music. After hanging around a little bit, we realised that the wind had picked up substantially and the announcement confirmed what we had already thought, there would be no balloons taking off that evening. More importantly I also found out that there was a storm on the way...The mere mention of the word storm sent me all of a dither. 

We stayed around for a couple more hours, and watched the Atlantic Canine Freestyle display which was utterly adorable, especially little Rat Terrier Kip (pictured above). At one point Kip got a bit excited and tried to jump one of the hurdles before it had been lowered. As he crashed into it there was a huge collective awwwww from the spectators. Kip also had me in absolute fits of giggles as in between tricks he/she spent quite a lot of the time getting friendly with his owners leg.

After the dogs were all tricked out we decided to call it a day at Sussex and head back to Alma, where once again the weather was damp and drizzly. We had a very early night and I did toy briefly with the idea of getting up at stupid o'clock on the off chance the balloons might take off at dawn...Hmmm, well I soon scrapped that idea.So instead the next morning, we headed into Fundy National Park for a look around. I photographed a few spots, The Covered Bridge at Wolfe Point, Bennett Lake and Dickson Falls...Now Dickson Falls...A moderate hike so the brochure said, OMG, how many steps, down, along, then up...It was touch and go but I made it. After the picture taking we went off to find breakfast and we ended up having sausages and waffles with Maple Syrup at the tiny Farmer's Market in Alma.

From there we took the scenic route to Cape Enrage Lighthouse and then travelled on to the Hopewell Rocks. I wasn't sure if I was going to do the rocks. I have only been there once before in 2005, but as it was a nice day I thought why not...Long walk down the hill...not to bad, then down the steps to the ocean floor as the tide was out, then back up the steps again...then thankfully a shuttle back up the hill. 

Come Monday when I went to get out of bed, I literally couldn't walk. I had completely overdone the climbing and walking and my calves were so painful and stiff you wouldn't believe.
Needless to say I didn't do anything Monday except edit a few photos and recover.
Tuesday I took myself off to The Tangled Garden for a walk around, the weather was beautifully sunny. Wednesday Rachael and I met up and went to Eastern Passage for lunch, she is waiting for a replacement camera as her wasn't cleaned successfully by Nikon. Thursday I went for a lovely self indulgent pedicure, I had the full works including a hot paraffin wax on my feet, and leg massage.

Friday Rob had the day off and we decided to take a trip to Big Tancook Island (which you get to via ferry from Chester). The ride on the ferry is about 40 minutes during which you pass by many smaller islands, some with one of two houses/mansions on, some with nothing on, the Ferry first stops at Little Tancook Island and then continues to Big Tancook. It has a charming harbour and nearby there is a lovely little cafe (the apple pie went down a storm), bike rentals (as you cannot take your car across), and some pretty and unusual artisan shops. 

I had a long chat with Angela and her miniature Pot Belly Pig 'Ruby' at the Sea Myst Gallery and then further across the island (on the main path) I met and chatted with Hillary at Wishing Stones Studio & Gallery, this shop is not only holds some wonderful gifts but is also a museum for the island with lots of lovely old bits and bobs from bygone days, a collection that was started by Hillary's mother. This is the wonderful boxed display sign outside of her shop/museum. When you leave she makes sure you get a wishing stone to wish on and throw into the ocean..Which I did, so fingers crossed. The weather was gorgeous on Friday and I ended up getting quite sunburned.

Saturday was a day of rest and I spent most of it in bed. Which brings me to today. Today, Rob and I met up with Nancy and one of our Flickr contacts Katherine and her husband from Ontario. We of course went to Wharf Wraps down at the passage for lunch. It was very nice to meet up with them and they had plenty to talk about from their trip so far through the Maritimes. So now I am back at home and thinking about dreaded work tomorrow. 

A Walk on the Seabed at The Hopewell Rocks

One Tree Island - On route to Big Tancook Island
Groundhog Day - Taken Roadside in Fundy National Park

Point Wolfe Covered Bridge, Fundy National Park

The Drying Shed at The Tangled Garden

Wishing Stones Gallery, Big Tancook Island


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