Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall is Here

The Milky Way Over
Horton Lighthouse
I have been remiss of updating in the last couple of weeks, so I thought I had better make the effort today to write something.

Fall is finally here and the leaves are starting to change already. It's a wonderful time of the year when the colours show themselves in all their glory, but I find it sad too as the season is so fleeting and we all know what will follow...Grrrr.

Last weekend, Rob and I attended the funeral of a friend of ours, our old neighbour Gord. He was a gentle giant of a man, who on first impressions may appear quite gruff, but he was very kind and would do anything for you. From the time we moved in next door to him and Christine, they were very welcoming and lent us anything we needed and didn't have, we shared back yard chats and drinks with them on many occasion. My father and Marjory met them when they visited in 2010 and we all spent an evening together round at our place.

Gord was diagnosed with pancreatic Cancer in May and the prognosis was not good. The chemo didn't help and the inevitable outcome happened on Wednesday 17th September.
Gord was the founder member of a a biker gang, at least 50 of which pulled up on their bikes to pay respects to their fallen brother. It was quite the spectacle and one which I think Gord would have taken great pride in.

This week has been a tough one, we are getting a new software system at work and I, along with others from East Coast branches have been in training for most of the week. My head has been crammed full of stuff to the point I can't fit anymore information in. I just hope I can remember some of it at least by the time we go live in December.

This weekend, Robert and I went to Hatfield Farm, the weather has been lovely so I didn't want to waste it doing nothing. It was a pleasant morning and fun with the animals. I have yet to look at my images from there, but will post some as and when I do.
Last night Rachael and I went to Raye's Lighthouse to practice shooting stars and do some light painting. Raye joined us to see what we were up to. It's is very dark there and so peaceful. We could hear Coyotes howling and there must have been a rogue skunk mooching about somewhere, because although we couldn't see him we could definitely smell him.

Belated birthday wishes go out to Pam this week (I hope you received the card) and coming up, Happy Birthday to my friend Sarah!

Big Tancook Island Houses

Fall is upon us!

Spinning Sails - Big Tancook Island

Tractor and Shed - Big Tancook Island


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