Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Wine Tasting!
I seem to have slipped into a bi-weekly update. Apologies! My lack of updating boils down to two reasons...1) I have done very little and have nothing to talk about or 2) I am so busy at the weekends that I run out of time and put off updating. In the case of last week it was definitely a 'did nothing' week. I had hoped to be out at the weekend but it was windy and rainy...Of course as soon as Monday came around, the sun came out again and it has been very nice all week. 

With it being Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, we have a lovely 3 days off. Yesterday I went in search of Fall colours with Rob and we headed to the Tatamagouche area first (approx 1.5 hours away). I have wanted to get back and take some photos of the Balmoral Grist Mill for such a long time now. Rob and I hadn't been there since 2005. Although closed for the season I did manage to get a couple of decent shots of the Mill with some Fall foliage. From there we headed towards Parrsboro area via the Wentworth Valley, there were some spectacular colours along there covering the mountains and hills, but sadly the road to Parrsboro was a let down, and was pretty much colourless, the greyness descended and we decided to head back. We did however stop in at Masstown Market to buy our annual pumpkin. Masstown Market is a huge Farm store, it also has a large separate fish market, restaurant and gift section. The produce there is always superb and the place is and has always been packed the the rafters every time we have stopped there. I should imagine the owner is worth a small fortune.

Today I went out with a colleague of mine from work. We have been saying we should go out for a while now and for one reason or another haven't, but today we did. We went to visit the Avondale Sky Winery. For those of you that didn't think of  Nova Scotia as a wine producing area, think again. There are many wineries in and around the Annapolis Valley all offering something different from sparkling wines, desert wines, Rieslings and Merlots. The owners of the Avondale Sky Winery loving moved and restored St. Matthew’s Church in Walton which was to be demolished and turned it into their winery shop, complete with original stained glass windows and font, it is a charming place which is very welcoming and beautiful. Having sampled some of the wines there today I actually did buy a bottle (being a beer girl) this was quite something. 

From there we paid a visit to Howard Dill's Pumpkin Farm, which as you know by now is always a favourite haunt of mine this time of year...BUT not today. I definitely picked the wrong weekend to drop in...It was packed, the whole word, his wife and kids were there, there was no parking and it was bedlam, I have never, ever seen it so busy. Needless to say I was in and out of there in a flash.

After the last couple of days I am pretty tired so I know my Thanksgiving will be spent mostly looking at the inside of my eyelids! Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

The Balmoral Grist Mill

Winery Corks

Vines and Colours!

Fall Colours in the Wentworth Valley

St Croix River


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