Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Much Needed Update

Sorry I have been AWOL again.
Really not too much occurring apart from the usual doldrums I get at this time of year. Work has been manic and my stress levels have reached sky high. Possibly something I shouldn't mention but (seeing as this is a warts and all blog), I will...I have been prescribed mild anxiety medication to help me stay a little calmer right now. That said I am feeling much better this week that I was last week (before I started taking them).

There are many things compounding my mood and state of mind. Christmas is nearly upon us once more and for me it's a total non-entity. I dislike Winter intensely and not having my family around this time of year really gets me down and then there's work, with a new computer system that is extremely complex and  making my job 3 times more arduous than it was before. Rob and I will be spending our first Christmas in our new home which is the one thing I am looking forward to, that a few days away from work.

The weather forecasters are practically chomping at the bit now when it comes to predicting the weather. They want snow, ice pellets, blizzards, white outs and freezing rain so bad now. They seem pretty disappointed that mother nature has let them down so far. Hard to believe but since my last update and that dusting of snow we had, we have seen NONE...yes NONE of the white stuff yet. What we have had is pounding rain and wind, followed by mild temps and almost t-shirt weather days. It;s certainly been a mixed bag. I know we won't avoid the snow for much longer but I for one have been enjoying the wet days.

What I haven't been enjoying has been driving home in the dark on those aforementioned wet days.
The reason being...Pedestrians on badly lit crossings wearing black clothing. Now I pride myself on having pretty good eyesight, But you cannot see these people who not only dress in the worst possible colour, but step out without looking or warning as they have right of way and don't look first and expect you to stop....Meanwhile us, the car drivers are struggling to make out even the crossing under the dimly lit street lights (that would be equal to the likes of the streets lights in a third world country), whilst battling blindness from oncoming traffic and driving rain. Reflectors should be made compulsory whilst walking at night round these parts and pedestrians should not have right of way unless the crossing is controlled by a 'walk now' button. Even with the new zebra crossing markings it's still almost impossible to see people. Every week I am still hearing of people being knocked down, it is crazy...and it's no wonder.

Okay I am moving on from the ranting.

I did make the effort and go out this weekend. We had a works do, a bunch of us went bowling, we have some food there and more than a few drinks. I must confess I got the most drunk I have been in years. The do was on the same evening as Anne and Smiffy's Christmas bash, so I was pretty miffed about that. Rob went round to theirs and chauffeured me back after the bowling so I could make a late and rather drunken appearance...Sorry about that Anne! I We swapped presents I slurred quit a bit and was probably quite annoying. I then proceeded to get an early hangover. One of the presents they gave us was from their cat Donovan to our boys. Some toys in a small gift bag.When we returned home I put the bag on the kitchen table and quickly made my way to bed. At around 4 am Rob and I were rudely awakened by a crashing sound then a cat running full pelt across both of us whist rustling at the same time, at break neck speed he ran back across us, before we had time to get up and investigate...What did we find...A ripped gift back, part of which (the handles) around Shakespeare's neck, with the rest of the paper attached looking like a cape of sorts and a some smashed Christmas tree balls where he had done a few turns of the tree trying to escape the bag. This I might add did nothing for my now terrible hangover.

I am not sure if I will be updating the blog again this side of Christmas. So until next time, I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas. Here's to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015. We shall be raising a glass and remembering absent friends, sadly lost this year;
Kevin, Gord, Warren & Chris.

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