Sunday, November 23, 2014

Movie Props and Bad Driving

Apologies for the lack of update last week. I really had nothing to talk about I have literally been nowhere and done nothing.

The weather has turned colder now and although, thankfully we haven't had the weather that Buffalo and other parts of Canada have been enduring, the temperature has dropped somewhat. This week we did actually see a dusting of snow on Wednesday morning. Apparently Nova Scotian's had forgotten that it snows at this time of the year and had also forgotten how to drive. I headed off to work at a snails pace along Main Street wondering what on earth the hold up was, only to come to a complete halt just before joining the Circ (highway). A police car promptly pulled up and the officer got out and started re directing traffic...He ushered me off to another lane, as I crawled past him, reluctant to change my route I wound down the window and politely said 'If you send me off down here, I have no idea how to get to work'...To which he replied...'Where do you work?' I told him and then he said, 'Well you will have to go down Prince Albert and loop round'. I am pretty sure that this last sentence means nothing to you dear readers, as it did to me...I wound up the window and preceded into unknown territory. Thankfully as I started to blindly follow traffic with no clue as to where I was going, Rob sent me a text asking if I had got to work okay...his reply from me was 'Lost - Help' I got him on the phone (speaker) and he had to literally calm me down off the ceiling of the car (as I think I was screaming in a pitch only dogs can hear) and help direct me.
Every which way I went there was traffic everywhere.I eventually got to work, all told the normal 10 minute journey took me an hour. I heard later that in and outside of the city there was a total of 37 accidents...Can you believe it?!

A message to Nova Scotian's...It's Winter...It snows...Get your Winter Tires on and Slow Down!

Yesterday Rachael, Her son Dean, Rob and I went to the Victorian Christmas event at Halifax Citadel.You may remember we went last year. I cannot convey to you (even though it was a sunny day) how cold it was up there. It was actually minus 3 degrees but with the biting wind, it felt like minus stupid! My face was still red raw last night. I would have come away empty handed photographically had it not been for the remains of a movie set in the grounds which we found far more interesting than all the Santa and bagpipes stuff. We to a look round behind one of the buildings and found a veritable feast of movie props handily all gathered in what resembled a back alley. We braved the howling wind that was whistling down there and bagged some photos. Which you can see below. It reminded Rob and I of Dr Who for some reason. I just imagine it's what one of their sets might feel like, although not outdoors and freezing cold.

Movie Set at The Citadel

Back Alley Barrels - Very Dr Who

Barrel Wagon (left) Dried Flowers on Hanger (right)

Old Mangle (Left) Dried Flowers on Crate (Right)

More Wheels and Barrels...Loved it!


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