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I hope this post finds all my UK followers well on this Remembrance Sunday. I do hope that at least some of you have made it up to the Tower of London to view the amazing ceramic poppy spectacle. I have to say I would have loved to have visited that in person. I read that some it will still be on display until the end of November. I think it's a shame it can't stay there permanently as a constant reminder and tribute to those who served and gave their lives.

Over here we have Remembrance Day on Tuesday and for most of us it is a holiday. There will be services and parades across the province. The largest being in Halifax.

I really haven't done anything much to talk about, so now you can expect a bit of waffle...

The dreaded Christmas season is nearly upon us again, I just bought some Christmas cards and found the whole process quite annoying, where the heck did Summer go? We also spent a couple of hundred bucks this week getting the Winter tires put on, an oil change and the rust proofing undercoat. Pretty essential living here as the vehicles really do take a pounding all Winter.

I am going to skip on to something more pleasant than Winter and it's time for me to bang on about a movie I watched this week. (I cannot actually believe it's taken me this long to watch it as I have actually had it in my possession for months). 'Silver Linings Playbook' is the best film I have seen in a very long time. I'll be honest, when I started watching it, I thought it wasn't for me, but I quickly changed my mind, the acting is superb, it's thoughtful and touching with a just the right amount of humour. If you haven't seen this movie yet, give it a go. For me these days, I love a movie that tells a good story, that's character driven and not reliant on special effects and this checks all of those boxes.

Not only did I see the best movie I have seen in a long time this week, I also fell in love all over again with Ed Sheeran. I finally got around to buying the new CD 'X' and track 11 Talking Out Loud literally takes my breath away. If you only buy one CD this year, buy this one!!

I will leave you with (the not so good video) for Thinking out Loud, I do admire Ed for taking on the dance challenge I just think he looks a little awkward. Also as a special treat for you :o)...Some of my recent images of Shakespeare taken under the sheets on our bed which is his absolute favourite game.
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I'm ready for my close up now

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