Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween

Stuck on You
I trust everyone had a wonderful Halloween. Rob and I (having ignored it last year) decided we would participate again this year in the hope we wouldn't have 150 kids knocking at the door in the new neighbourhood and thankfully there were just about 35 that came round in some rather interesting and pretty good costumes I might add. We had enough treats for 50, so we have been enjoying the leftovers yesterday and today.

A few of the work colleagues dressed up on Friday, we had a pirate, a devil 2 sexy fire women, Batman and Clint Eastwood (Colleen our Operations Manager)...I definitely thought hers was the best.

Friday itself was a beautiful weather day, sunny and warm, and even into the evening it wasn't cold. However since then it has rained ALL weekend. So I have been no where and done nothing which is slightly annoying to say the least.

The clocks went back last night and it's pretty dark and
miserable already and it's only 4 pm. It's all downhill and full steam ahead for the dreaded Winter now. I did get a second opinion on the weather from the Accu-Weather blogger that I follow on Twitter, he did confirm that he also thought the temperatures would be much milder this winter, but now I wonder is milder temps means more snow rather than less. at least when it gets really cold it can't snow.

I shall be booking up this week to get my Winter tires on and the car rust proofed. Apparently New Brunswick had some snow this weekend...That sucks!

I don't really have much to write about as you can probably tell so I will leave you with images of my newly vamped up sofa, curtains & rug, some more Fall shots and this years Jack-O-Lantern that we carved on Wed (photographed amongst the ton of leaves we still have to rake up in the back yard and on the deck).

My 'Standard' Jack-O-Lantern Design!
Crossing Lines

New Cushions, Curtains and Rug. FYI before the rug was
a beige pattern/check the cushions were an 80's  
Aztec pattern and very thready. The curtains were floor
length,beige large check pattern. even though the image 

is crap, it really is a vision in blue and grey now.


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