Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring has NOT Sprung

I felt I should make an update, but I am finding it somewhat difficult to sit at the keyboard and remain perky about anything right now.

I have been pretty ill for the last 3 weeks. I got very bad bronchitis again, which resulted in a trip to the doctors, a round of antibiotics, and two inhalers. I missed some work because it  and ended up in bed for 5 days. Since then it has abated, but I am still coughing and have found it very difficult to deal with the heavy cold cold like symptoms which followed.

I have only been out of the house once socially since my last update and that was a trip to a local salon with Anne. We treated ourselves to some pampering, a facial, pedicures and a manicure in Anne's case. The particular day in question was a rarity....It didn't snow, the sun was shining and I believe the temperature reached 1 or 2 degrees. Since than it has all gone down hill again. We have had yet another storm, with a huge dumping of snow which effectively put Nova Scotia out of business last Wednesday. The snow banks are so high now everywhere there is really nowhere to put it now. I have never seen so much snow in my life. There are only two good things to come out of this....Number 1, People have almost stopped talking about 'The Great Storm' White Juan. Number 2, I got a day off work on Wednesday! As I sit here typing it is snowing yet again and the wind is howling, it is all due to flash freeze later after we get some rain. My mood is literally at an all time low, I am utterly fed up with the weather and a few other things besides.

For those of you interested, I have given up smoking once more the day the coughing started I knocked it on the head. Of course last time I crept back to it, so this time I am not making promises I cannot keep, just taking it day by day, but it will be a month on Tuesday.

The only thing that is keeping me remotely sane right now is TV. Big Brother Canada starts tomorrow, I have Dancing with the Stars just started again, The Voice USA and Survivor to keep me going in the world of reality TV. I have also been watching The Voice UK...and if you are you have vote for Vikesh to win...An unlikely star perhaps, but what a voice. He tweeted me back the other day, as did Michael Van Schoick, who you might better know as Dave form the Money Supermarket Ad...I so love that ad!!!

I have been following the British politics in the lead up to the Election with much interest. What a am finding particularly hard to tolerate is the slanted media bias that has been heaped on UKIP. Now I am not saying that they don't have some dubious followers, but at every given opportunity the media make the whole party out to racist and homophobic, which I do NOT believe is the case at all.
I can only assume that the powers that be are that afraid of UKIP that they feel the need to constantly bash them and belittle them. I also noted that the Tories are in some do-do thanks to Afzal Amin and his cunning (or as it turned out, not so cunning plan)...And and lets not forget (although we really want to) Clegg and his donation scandal. This could be an interesting Election for sure.

I will leave you with images from the back and the front of the my house, my favourite ad of the moment and a NEW 22 Minutes Halifax Tourism ad/Skit.

Our Driveway

Looking towards the driveway from Front Door

Our Road (worse since this was taken)

View from my front room window of the garden

View from the kitchen of the back garden


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