Sunday, April 19, 2015

Coming out of Hibernation

It's been yet another long spell without an update for the blog. I really have had nothing to say as I have continued to hibernate due to the cold weather and the dreaded snow hanging around for far longer than it should have.

I am however pleased to report that due to a few nice days of above zero temps and some much needed sunshine we have turned a corner here and the snow has all but gone. The lakes are still mainly still just frozen on the surface, but I think even they will once again look like lakes but the end of this week.

Today I felt it was time to start easing my way out of hibernation. I finally left the house and it felt strange! Robert and I took a late afternoon drive along to Peggy's Cove via Prospect on route, the light was inviting, even if there was a distinct chill in the air especially at Peggy's. It feels like I am taking baby steps back into the outside world, As the weather improves I feel and hope my mood will improve too.

I actually managed to pop round and see Nancy one day after work last week, I haven't seen her in the longest time and her birthday gift had been gathering dust on a shelf. It was nice to have a catch up. I have yet to see Rachael but I feel we should be out with the cameras (fingers crossed) in no time now.

I have of course been totally immersed in all things TV, Netflix is a general staple of every day! I am currently watching Bloodline, which is very intriguing and addictive. Plus shock, horror I have actually started reading a book this week 'Behold a Pale Horse'. Probably not an obvious or easy read, but something that I am pretty fascinated by.

Until my next entry, I will leave you with one of the images taken earlier this evening.

'You can never 'tire' of Peggy's Cove'


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