Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer Days

Time for an update! Since my last post I haven't been doing to much. The weather has been pretty nice though and it looks like Summer has finally arrived.

I was annoyed to learn that the aquatic club at Bell lake that we swam at last year has now stopped their day passes. So frustrating as it was such a great place to relax and swim. Thank goodness Anne has a back up plan (and lake). So this week on Monday (the hottest day) Rob and I went for our first swim at Penhorn Lake after work. The water was lovely and such a welcome relief as it was scorching. It seemed quite a few others had the same idea and there were at least 40 others there. This lake is pretty near to home and roughly a 10 minute drive from our place. I think we will definitely be making use of it again.

Once a week the BBQ's have continued either at Anne and Smiffy's place or at ours. This week it was our turn on Friday. I think we are getting the hang of it more and more now. The first one was a little amateur and ill prepared to say the least. The menu is always gluten fee and I have to say, I really find gluten free food, burger, sausages and cake, all much more tasty than regular.

Yesterday I went out with Nancy, Cheryl and a chap called Wesley (from the camera club), who I had never met before. We drove out to Wolfville and took a stroll round the Botanical Gardens at Acadia University. I had never visited the campus before. Gorgeous place, lovely buildings and gardens. It doesn't cost to visit and you can wander pretty much anywhere inside and out. After the photography we went for supper at  Paddy's Pub (always one of my favourites). We than briefly stopped off at the door installation and the Grand Pre look off. I got back around 9.45 pm.

I have been busy editing some more of my vacation shots, so here are a few more, plus a couple of shots from yesterday.

Boldt Castle Power House
This Island is called 'Just Enough Room'

Toronto Skyline from Tornoto Islands
View from the CN Tower
Kingston Penitentiary
Blueberry Surprise 
Lady & the Plant


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