Sunday, August 16, 2015

Days Off

To the Beach
I do hope dear readers you are still following. It seems to take me forever to get round to updating the blog these days. Due in part to the fact I have had nothing much to write about.

Rob and I have a few financial issues right now, One is a complicated matter to do with his work van and the tax people...Which I might add was nothing to do with him, it was because the firm he works for got audited. It really is so stupid and way to long and complicated to go into. The other problem we have is that our car is on the way out. It needs so much money spent on it to put it right that it makes more sense to get another one. There in lies the rub as we don't have the cash and cannot agree on anything. We are however toying with the idea of leasing rather than buying. Having had a chat with one of the sales people in the Honda showroom, leasing does seem the way to go, bearing in mind you can lease to buy or upgrade after the 5 year lease is up. We are now thinking about a Chevy of some sort as their leases are shorter and a tad cheaper. Who knows?! It's a mine field, but one things for sure we will have to do something before our MVI is due next year or if the car packs up in the meantime.

This week was Robert's birthday so he and I took Thursday and Friday off work to make a nice long weekend. The weather has been fantastic for the whole four days so no complaints here.

Thursday we drove to Annapolis Royal and visited the Historical Gardens, which neither of us had been to before. It was superb, by far the best gardens I have visited in Nova Scotia. It's rather formal and so pristine, it reminded me of home and the National Trust gardens I used to love wandering around. The colours and planting were spectacular. I would highly recommend it if you are ever visiting this Province. From there we went to Port-Royal Historical Site. You may remember I went there last year with Anne, but Robert hadn't been. I enjoyed my second visit there as much as my first. We meandered our way back along the mountain roads, until we finally hit Wolfville where we went for a lovely dinner at Paddy's Pub (one of my favourite out of town places to eat). I have to say we were shattered when we got home as it had been a long, hot day.

Friday on Rob's birthday, still tired from the day before we got up early again and headed along the Eastern Shore about 2 and a half hours to Sherbrooke Historical Village. We stopped briefly on route at Sheet Harbour, where I finally photographed the incredible waterfall/river there. I think it was once the sight of a pulp mill. Rob and I hadn't visited Sherbrooke since 2010, so it was nice to re-visit this rather charming place. It was another hot one and we got tired out pretty quickly. We ended up leaving the village grabbing and ice cream and heading home around 4.30ish. On the way back we stopped for a quick walk along Taylor Head Beach. I think this is my favourite beach. It's flat and long, with lovely dunes. I did dip my toes in the water and yes it was freezing.

Saturday it was vets day! Off we went with the boys for check ups and vaccinations. Shakespeare got a bit whingy when he had to have some blood taken, but other than that he was a complete suck up with the girls in there. (They adore him). However he is too fat. He has to go on a strict diet. The reason he has got so big, is because we have been trying to put weight on Hamish as he needs the bulk as his muscle mass is starting to go now as he is an old man. Hamish doesn't eat all his food and before you know it Shakespeare is in there like a ninja finishing it off. As for Hamish, he seems to be doing okay, he had put on a little weight, but OMG did he make a scene in there hissing and snapping, and the girls barely touched him. He is due to have more teeth out in December, so when he gets put under they will give him a full exam them. He is so bad at the vets now they have a big X on his notes saying under no attempt take his temperature. He is the original Grumpy Cat these days.

Today (Sunday) I have done nothing at all, it's been great. I caught up on my soaps and romped through the latest series of Hell on Wheels on Netflix, such a superb series! Rob has been cleaning the guttering outside and at 4.30 pm we decided to go to the lake for a quick swim, it was lovely and refreshing.I heard crickets whilst by the lake, I love the sound of them but for me they herald the fact that Summer will soon be drawing to a close, once they stop chirping the nights will get cooler and the leaves will start to change once more.

Still Life at Port-Royal Historical Site

Beautiful Sherbrooke Village

Gorgeous Property and Garden spotted at Granville Ferry

The magnificent Historical Gardens at Annapolis Royal
The River at Sheet Harbour


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