Sunday, August 23, 2015


So this is quite rare these days...2 posts in 2 weeks.
This post is more of a follow up to last week regarding the car subject! We took ours for it's oil change this week, and Rob the mechanic, got it up on the ramp and showed my Rob the full horror that was going on underneath. I truly think that Rob had been in denial about how bad it was and how quickly we needed to think about getting another vehicle. Our poor old Focus is pretty much on it's last legs and fit for the knackers yard.

With his mind made up Rob then proceeded to explore more options and deals at various places on Friday. By Friday evening, I thought, we might be investing in another Ford, but by Saturday, we had decided to go a different route. We have decided to lease a Toyota Corolla. Leasing we think is by far the best option for us and with all the extra warranties we took out we are pretty much covered for everything, including breakdowns in the whole of North America. It's a nice car, and for any potential visitors, it has 4 doors instead of just the two that the focus had which will make things so much easier. It has heated seats, mirrors, air con, CD and bluetooth. It's a nice slate grey which actually has a hit of blue about it. I think it will be a little easier to find in the Walmart car park than silver, which seems to be the norm round here, Rob and I could never remember where we parked the Focus in the sea of silver. Best of all the Toyota deal at the moment is $2500 trade in on any vehicle. And there is no way we would have got that anywhere else for ours. All being well we just have to pick it up on Tuesday. Then we just have to find the money to pay for it every month. Good thing is at the end of five years we just hand it back for another new one or possibly buy it outright.

It will save us money on car hire for road trips and CAA so every cloud and all that!
Will try and post a photo if it next week. Until than more photos from last week.
Big congrats this week to Blake and Robyn who have just got engaged!

Walking in the Past at Sherbrooke Village

Chronic Weaknesses (Apothecary, Sherbrooke Village)

Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal

Blacksmiths Shop, Sherbrooke Village


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