Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunny Days Off!

Portrait of Prospect
It's been a glorious week weather-wise and I am very happy about that as I had almost the whole week off. It`s been a busy few days as I have been out and about (in the new motor) around the Province. Starting last weekend, on Saturday afternoon, Rob, Nancy and myself to a drive out to Terence Bay, Prospect and Peggy's Cove. It was our first real trip out in the new car, it was a lovely sunny afternoon until we got to Peggy's where it started to get a little grey and foggy. I had never been in the Buoy Shack there before as I have never seen it open, as it was, I ventured inside, what a delight, a real photographic treasure trove of nautical delights.

Tuesday Cheryl and I visited Ross Farm, a favourite of ours. I have been wanting to get back there for a while as I didn`t make it there last year. For a relatively small place, we spent a heck of a lot of time there taking photos. There were of course 2 adorable kittens there that I instantly fell in love with and they put on quite the show for Cheryl and I. They need homes, and have been neutered, I am pretty sure it won`t be too long before they are snapped up.

Thursday Anne, myself and Cheryl went to Annapolis Royal (second time there for me a the past few weeks). Both Cheryl and Anne hadn't been to the Gardens before and I wanted to go again. It was another scorching day I think the temperature was around 27 degrees and very humid. We did sweat quite a lot. The gardens were fabulous. I managed to get a few more different shots than last time. We spent the majority of the day there and then went for a bite to eat before heading across to Port-Royal. We really didn't have much time there as we got there so late, but even so, we crammed in a ton of photos!

It was about 9.30 pm by the time we got home as we meandered back via the slow road, stopping at a couple of places along the way. I can literally say I was knackered from the driving and the heat by the time I got in, but that didn't stop Cheryl and I getting up and heading out on Friday down to the South Shore. We stopped at Mahone Bay, Blue Rocks and Stonehurst. I even managed to help some Belgium tourists find Stonehurst which they were thrilled about. In the afternoon Cheryl and I headed over to see a friend of hers who lives in Rose Bay. Not a place that I am familiar with, but a very pretty area. We went to check out Hirtle Beach, and a couple of other local spots. Cheryl's friend's husband is a lobster fisherman, and they have the coolest shack down on the water. So we photographed that as well before heading back to the house and having something to eat. We left at around 5.30 and I got home around 7.30 pm. After another long day and late night I slept in yesterday and and in the late afternoon Rob and I drove to Anne's parents cottage on the Eastern Shore. It was another beautiful day, and we sat out on the dock eating chatting and watching the sunset. It really is gorgeous there and so very peaceful, with just the crickets and the waves lapping, the perfect soundtrack to end the day.

This weekend is a long weekend as tomorrow is Labour Day. So I have one more day to relax before going back to work. Poor Robert hasn't seen much of the new car as I have been driving it pretty much every day. I love it. It's so smooth and comfortable to drive and ride in. Robert reckons it has Velcro seats as every time I drive home in the evening from work I just sit in it for 10 minutes before getting out (how very sad!) I am sure the novelty will where off soon. The only thing our car doesn't have is a remote start for Winter, which would be handy...Eh Smiffy?

Smiffy has a 4x4, he bought it not long after moving over here. Anne uses it too, they share it. She drives it to work and colleague noticed the double key fob the other day and asked it that was a remote starter on there, she said I hope not...But sure enough it was and all last winter both of them spent ages getting boots and coats on to go out and warm up the car every morning when all they had to do was press a button from the comfort of their warm house! Oh how that made me laugh!

I have load of images to post from last weekend and this week, Here's just a few. Click on any image to view larger.

Stonehurst Cove
Down by the Hen House - Ross Farm
Inside the Buoy Shack - Peggy's Cove
Northwest Cove
Strung Out - Rose Bay

Adorable Kitten at Ross Farm
Scenes from the cottage yesterday evening
The New Motor!


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