Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween

I know I am a day late, but better late than never!
Only about 20 trick or treaters came a calling last night...Which means plenty of treats left over for us to finish off! I was surprised how few there were as it was the perfect weather day, sunny all day and not too cold last night at all. The ones that did come round had some pretty creative and cute outfits. They were all gone by around 8.30 pm.

It's been a busy week this week which involved getting the tires changed over for winter on the car, carving out pumpkins and on Wednesday a trip to the theatre.

About a week and a half ago I was stuck in traffic heading for work. I was listening to the radio and a competition question came on relating to a clip of music from a TV show. I instantly knew which show the clip was from and as I have the voice activated, hands free thingy in the car I thought instead of just shouting at the radio I would call in. After one mis-dial, I got though and was on the air, I was asked to ID the clip and I got it right...My answer...Hart to Hart. I won tickets for a show called Boom at the Nepune Theatre. The DJ said I was terribly British, doing an impression of me saying Hart to Hart in his best British accent. I was giggly and mortified. I have never phoned a radio station in my life, let alone won anything. I attribute this luck to a seagull pooping on me about 2 weeks ago! Might I add that is the 4th time now a seagull has pooped on me since I have lived here. So anyway Rob and I were theatre luvvies on Wednesday night. The show is fantastic. It is actually has quite the buzz surrounding it and is playing a huge amount of dates across Canada. It's a one man show played entirely by a very talented actor called Rick Miller who is supported by some very sophisticated multimedia, the show narrates 25 years of the Baby Boom era. It's so clever and without doubt the best thing I have ever seen at the theatre. He chats to the audience afterwards and encourages people to tell their stories and memories. Check out the website to see more of this! 

The weather for the most part has remained rather nice, the Fall colours have been spectacular this year. We did catch the tail end of a hurricane this week which unfortunately brought high winds an a lot of rain which knocked so many of the remaining leaves off the trees. After a nice day yesterday for Halloween, the clocks went back last night and today had been pretty gloomy and grey. It's just more confirmation of Winter being just around the corner!

This year's Pumpkin accompanied by Gourd Ghosts...
Which look grumpy rather than spooky

...And the night time edition of Grumpy Gourds

Fall Splendour at Petite Riviere

Return to Balmoral Grist Mill

Kayaks in the Park

Fall Reflections at Shubie Park


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