Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas

I haven't updated this blog since October...Shame on me! I am still here, alive and kicking...well alive anyway!

Firstly let me wish all of my followers, friends and family a very Merry Christmas. I have been in slow down mode here for quite some time now, as the days got shorter my hibernation began. I did order myself a SAD lamp to see if it would help with my terminally depressed state of mind, but as yet it has yet to make a difference. I am currently battling a rather nasty cold which came out of nowhere at the weekend. My throat has been so painful, but thankfully I am feeling a little better today. Rob and I attended Anne and Smiffy's annual open house at the weekend, as always a pleasure, just unfortunate that I was feeling so rough we had to leave early. I also attended our works do last week on Tuesday which was surprisingly good, I say surprisingly as I wasn't looking forward to it. It was held at a Dinner Theatre. It was somewhat corny but very enjoyable and the food wasn't bad either.

Hamish has recently been in for some work at the vets. Pretty much all his teeth are out now and he also had a cyst removed from his head. He had to wear the cone of shame for 10 long days! Poor boy. His stitches are out now and he is almost back to his handsome self again except for the missing fur on top of his head. He seems none the worse for wear and pretty happy now he has less teeth bothering him. Still hard to believe he is 18 years old as he sure doesn't look it and the way he wrestles with Shakespeare is pretty amazing.

The weather has been pretty kind to us so far, tomorrow and Christmas Day are supposed to be double digits. it's been a pretty English Winter thus far, grey and rainy but warm. I am sure that will all change. I believe I was saying the same thing this time last year and then from the second week in January the worst Winter in years hit us and continued hitting us until May! My Christmas wish would be to not see any snow all Winter, that would make me very happy.

I have been immersed in my Reality TV of course and have really enjoyed the Apprentice, I'm a Celeb, Strictly and on this side of the pond Survivor.

Here's an interesting fact...It's all been about the letter J this year....Celeb BBUK, James won, Survivor, Joe (loved him) should have won but Jeremy did, Joseph won the Apprentice and Jay won Strictly (loved him). I'm a Celeb, George from the band Union J almost won! I reckon 2015 was a lucky year for all things J!

And if you are remotely interested I predicted that Jay would win Strictly Come Dancing in Week 1.
(That almost never happens when I make predictions, My picks usually make the finals but never win).

While I am talking telly...My award for the best series I have watched this year (non reality based) goes to The Detectorists. What a superb show, understated comedy at it's very best. I will leave you with the teaser of a trailer from the first series (I am a little late finding this show). Whatever you are doing over the holidays, have a great time and eat loads!


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