Sunday, December 12, 2010

GaGa never sounded so good!

Straight in today, no messing or pre-amable (now that's a first!)
I am going to start off with TV, I have a new talent show to get excited about over here and unlike the X Factor, these folks have real talent. The programme is called 'The Sing-Off' (yes I know the title does lack imagination). Putting that aside, it's a talent show with a difference, all these groups do everything acapella, no music, just their voices. Incredible to watch. The other great thing about this show is they eliminate 2 groups every show, that makes it a pretty short series. The judges make the decision and I am guessing that the public may have the deciding vote when it comes down to the final. I have embedded my two favourite groups from the show here, so take a look and see what you think (poor sound quality so crank up the volume). The USA version of The Apprentice finished this week, what a great series it's been, and finally Mr Trump picked a woman...'Bout time too if you ask me. Brandy was a worthy winner! I have also been enjoying week long dramatic Corrie, they really pulled out all the stops for the 50th anniversary didn't they?...Just cannot believe they pretty much demolished half the street and blew all their story lines for Christmas.

Outside of TV land, this week has been pretty much full on. The deer have been around the front of the house almost daily. I came home from work on Wednesday to find one outside the front door, I ended up feeding it apples!
I Finally got the Christmas tree out and decorated it after spending a good while agonizing on where I was going to put the damn thing.

Thursday night after work I went to the open evening of our other branch in Dartmouth (they have just moved to a new swanky location) and I got to meet some of the many people I talk to on the phone every day.
Friday night, Rob and I went to the UHaul Christmas party/dinner thing, it was nice to put some names to faces at last. It was a pretty brief, but lively dinner with everyone sloping off pretty early or moving on to another bar. I had to get back and get some zzz's as I was up with the lark today out shooting with some of the photo club. We met at 8 am this morning and headed north-ish, to capture some abandoned houses. Weather wise it was beautifully sunny and no wind, just a little chilly; there was a dusting of snow on the ground and some of the water and smaller lakes have now started to freeze. Back home here in Dartmouth we had a sprinkling of snow yesterday but it soon melted away at the temperature was up to around 5 degrees today and we had a little rain in between.

Big thank you to everyone that has set cards and some of you who have sent gifts...Which I said you shouldn't do!!!! They are under the tree and un-opened you will be pleased to know.

A touch of winter just outside of Antigonish

Our resident deer paying a visit

UHaul girls left: Aleisha, right: Jen


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