Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tis the Season!

Another full on week has come and gone and there's plenty to talk about.

Firstly it snowed this week, not that much, maybe about 4 cm. I must say as much as I don't like getting about in it, it did look pretty. (the image featured at the top here was taken just outside of where I work on Friday). It has been sunny ever since, so most of it has melted away now. I am sure that we will get some more though. The temperatures are still pretty mild compared to the UK, at some points this week out temperature here was warmer than Florida...Go figure?! I have been told though that January is always worse, the wind chill is pretty bad, so that's to look forward to...NOT!

Exciting news this week, a company from Quebec contacted me via my Red Bubble website, they want to licence some of my images (yes that means they are going to pay me). They are a small company that make postcards, place mats and framables. They are most interested in my Alberta and Maritimes images. So fingers crossed I may make a few dollars!

On the social side of things I have been so busy this week. It was the camera club party on Wednesday, which was fun - food, quiz, prices and presents. Friday night was my work do. Rob was going to come but as he had an exam on Saturday he decided to give it a miss. We all went straight from work to the Victory Arms (which is a bar in a swanky hotel on Spring Garden Road). We had some free drinks and some patters of food, the drinks went straight to my head (as well as a few others). It was great fun.

Finally last night Rob and I went round to the neighbours...Who I now know the names of (Jeanette and Rachel) :o) It was lovely evening, a very nice group of people and as one of the hosts is a chef, the food was amazing! On the way round to theirs one of the deer was out in front on the house, so I fed it a carrot! I know I keep mentioning those deer, but seriously it is the coolest thing to come out of your house and an see them there, they are just so adorable.

As far as TV goes, I haven't watched much this week what with going out so much. I did catch up with the Sing-Off again though, and unfortunately one of my favourites 'On the Rocks' got booted. Very unfair in my opinion. Street Corner Symphony are still in for the final next week, but I am not sure they will win...They should, but who knows how the public will vote.

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas!!!

Some of my abandoned series taken last weekend

Very overgrown, there was a porcupine in a tree here!

Looks like kids have has some fun knocking out the glass!

Hmmm, this was the rowdy end of the table on Friday night!

They may be out, but I don't think we've heard the last of these guys!
This is the video that made them a massive viral hit before going on
the Sing Off.


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