Sunday, December 5, 2010

Social Butterflies

I cannot believe that Sunday has rolled round again so quickly! I have been reading about the big freeze in the UK and how unsurprised I was to hear of the chaos it has caused on the roads and at the airports. Honestly after the weather we had last year you would think the powers that be would plan ahead a little better...But no! On the flip side of things over here the weather has been extremely mild, sunny most of the week, with very little wind and a balmy 8 degrees. Now don't for a second think I am getting complacent about this, let's not forget I have a pair of ice traction slip-ons, and I fully expect to have to use them at some point, although when right now, is not clear!

I would like to send belated to birthday wishes to my dear friend Paula, and my Godson Joshua this week. I hope you both enjoyed your days! I would also like to say how much I enjoyed 'I'm a Celeb' and despite me wanting Shaun to win, I was very pleased that Stacey won. I reckon this series has to have been one of the best ever, largely due to Dom, Jenny, Shaun and Stacey. Oh and just for those of you who are still wondering, I have not been watching the X Factor, I washed my hands of it after the last series, I just hope it gets dropped soon and we can finally see less of Simon Cowell!!!! (Sorry Kim, I know you like him!)

A couple of interesting things happened this week. I finally got to meet one of my long time flickr friends Ken. Ken and I have corresponded via flickr for 2 and half years, and as luck would have it, his work brought him to Halifax for a couple of days this week. Even more lucky was the fact that his wife Joyce was also in town attending a training course, as their time here overlapped Rob and I were able to meet up with both of them for dinner on Tuesday night. We decided to take them to The Economy Shoe Shop...Which to their surprise wasn't a shoe shop, but a restaurant and bar. We enjoyed great food and excellent conversation. Thank you Ken for the meal! I cannot wait for a return visit, hopefully when the evenings are lighter and we can go out and take some photos!

Our Friend Deb from the Camera Club has invited Rob and I round for Christmas at her place, and in the absence of any family here to share the day with it's a lovely invitation that we are very much looking forward to taking her up on.

Also yesterday a card was hand delivered inviting us to a drinks and nibbles evening at number 372...the card said we met you on Halloween with Gord and Christine (our next door neighbours), well....I had to rack my brains as lord knows I talked with and met so many people that evening with all the comings and goings. Anyway it turns out 372 is next door but one. I couldn't quite read the names on the card, which was a complete bummer, as I had to ring with an RSVP, so I had to wing it on the phone, and use no names...She must have thought me a little strange, but the up shot is we shall be attending.

December is turning out to be a very social month, next weekend is the UHaul Christmas party, the following week, is the camera club do, and then we have the neighbours soiree, I think that my work will be having one as well, but they are a little late in the organising.

Good times with Ken and Joyce (shame about Rob's jumper!)

And now for some more scenic randomness...

Stepping back in time at Memory Lane

That beautiful boathouse on Waverly Road

A foggy fishing day at Terence Bay


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