Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hockey & Chinese

Another week has shot past, and the weather, thankfully has been pretty kind to us here, cold yes, but sunny in part too and no snow....Well there was some actually but it was half an hour away from where we are, so that was okay! I think in actual fact the UK has it colder with more snow than we do right now, but I am sure that will all change!

Not too much to report this week, the company I work for has been bought out and there is a bit of a re-shuffle going on at the top, our manager is now not our manager anymore and the chap that used to be manager in the branch, is now manager again. In the long term I have no idea how this take over will affect things, I guess only time will tell, but we are now a cog in a slightly bigger machine than we were before.

I know that most of you have now received your Christmas cards from me! I was early, but the girl in the post office told me such horror stories about the length of time the post took at this time of year I felt I should post everything as soon as possible. If you haven't had a card from me yet, it's either lost in the post, or I have sent it to someone else to give to you!

Apart from work we have done nothing this week apart from going out last night. We headed out with Tom and Marg to watch the Dalhousie Tigers play again. OMG, what a great game it was too, very fast paced and exciting, They were up against one of the top teams UNB and personally I thought there was no way they were going to win, but they played so well defensively. UNB dominated the game in terms of attempts on goal, but the wall of defence put up by Dal really was formidable and as much as UNB tried they could get past it, meanwhile the UNB goalie had very little action, which meant that when Dal did get the puck down UNB end, they caught him off guard, and scored. The final tally was Dal 6 UNB 3. Dal Tigers are now officially my faves!

After the hockey we headed out for a Chinese...I have been itching for Chinese food for the last couple of weeks and The Great Wall restaurant, did not disappoint, it was a great night and we will definitely be going back there again!

On the UK side of things I am glued to I'm a Celeb and enjoying every minute of it. Shaun to win! Gillian Mackeith, needs a good kick up the backside though.

Marg, Tom and Rob, at the game

And now some random shots...

Matching Reds, taken at Blue a couple of weeks ago

Falling Down, a lovely old barn taken near Maitland in the Summer


Cowgirl on November 29, 2010 at 7:14 PM said...

Hi again. Yes, Amanda, Nelson (and BC in general) is a lovely place. The community is friendly and quite accepting....anything goes here!

We have lived here, on & off, for the last 4 years, meaning that many months were spent on the road in the States and in Mexico while going through our own immigration process.
Glad that is over with (21 months from start to finish).

I just love your photos of NS. Really such a pretty place. How are you enjoying Canada

They have just finished filming another movie here that should be released sometime next year entitled, "The Tall Man", I believe. Supposed to be a suspense/thriller.


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