Saturday, November 6, 2010

Go Tigers!

An early update this week, Saturday instead of Sunday...That'll be because it has been rubbish weather! Yesterday we had gale force winds again, and today although the wind has stopped it has been raining all day, it's all due to a weather system coming up from New England. The good news is even though it's raining it is very mild. This afternoon I went to investigate a few shopping places I had not yet been to. One in particular is the Mic Mac Mall which is very near to us. From the outside it doesn't look as if there is much there, but once inside it was brimming with good stuff! Excellent food hall too!

Friday night we had a last minute invite to attend a hockey game, something that Rob and I have wanted to do for a while. Darrel picked us up and we went to Dalhousie University to watch The Dalhousie Tigers play St Thomas Tommies (from New Brunswick). It was fast paced and exciting, The Tommies took the lead and entering the last period they were 4 -2 up. But it all changed, and Dalhousie caught up and evened the score just a minute before end of play, they went on to clinch the win just one minute before the end of extra time. Hats off to them as I didn't think they would come back from being 2 down let alone win it.

Not much else to report this week. We had our winter tires put on the car in prep for all the snow I am sure we will get. Hamish had a five minute venture outside on his lead, quite exciting for him. I was surprised he wanted to even go out, but he showed a bit of interest, I had to drag him back in though as two other cats were wandering round...Typical as I haven't seen a single cat in ages (not since Darrel) and then all of a sudden I take mine out and two come along, one black one ginger. Both ran off before I could make friends with them....damn it!

UHaul are having a Christmas party some time at the end of November or early December, so Rob and I are going to that, sounds like fun, it consists of a meal first then Pool at Dooleys, my kind of night. Dooleys is a chain of pool halls around here, just in case you were wondering :o)

The clocks go back here tonight, so that's to look forward to...NOT...Getting up in the dark is standard now, but coming home in the dark, hmmm, not nice! Roll on Spring I say!

I think there's a puck in there somewhere!

I think this look says 'Come and have a go at goal if you
think your hard enough!'

Getting ready for when the Ref drops that puck,
that's about the same time I take 160 pictures out of focus!


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