Sunday, November 21, 2010

Giving off Sparks

Well hello again, It's Sunday so it must be time for an update. I don't have to much news to report, but I guess the big story is the change in weather. Yesterday it snowed! But in all fairness it was an anti-climax, just a few flurries where we are and nothing settled, but the temperature really dropped down, I think it was -7 last night and it's been about -3 all day today, of course the wind chill makes it feel a whole lot colder. Even though it was cold, today was beautifully sunny again, not a cloud in the sky. I got to wear my new coat which my dad bought for me when he was over visiting. Thanks dad!!

I have a couple of observations this week, firstly I had no idea how the temperature would affect my clothing and the amount of static generated, in the last week I have noticed I am practically giving off sparks when I remove my cardigan. I literally have to wrestle it off my body. I have checked with a few people and apparently this is really common. I have a few tips to try out to reduce it and I plan to get some anti-static spray. Secondly my skin is really suffering, I am starting to flake across my nose and cheeks, so I definitely need to invest in some thick old cold cream to keep me from drying out altogether. Rob bought me a pair of ice traction slip on's yesterday in preparation for the weather ahead and to hopefully prevent me from falling on my arse!

This weekend was the Sackville Photography Club Fall Show in Sackville Library, Rob and I went along today to check it out, they did a good job and most members that submitted got 2 or three prints up and 5 images per member in the slide show on display. Rob and I finally got to meet up with another of my flickr contacts, Shaun. He and his wife Suzanne are from New Minas, and up until now we haven't managed to meet up, so it was great to see both of them, Nancy, Darrel and Dave were also in attendance today and of course we headed for Tim Horton's after the show.

The Fall Show at Sackville Library

Freedom 55, one of two images I had on display this weekend...

...Autumn on the Parkway was the other one

Gearing up for Winter!


Cowgirl on November 23, 2010 at 8:59 AM said...


Cowgirl on November 23, 2010 at 9:08 AM said...

Hi again Amanda...well thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting! I understand about friends and family who do not comment but always tell me that they read my blog regularly. Maybe they are shy. But I must tell you that it is a wee bit difficult to leave a comment on this site...I had to fiddle with it for quite a while before success (hence the test comment 'Hi'. Anyway just thought you'd like to know.

I will continue to follow you and look forward to your beautiful pictures of NS -- it is getting me excited about visiting next year -- it is such a beautiful province (bugs and all). Thanks also for addressing that issue for me.

cheers for now.

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