Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bank Holiday Thursday!

So another week has come and gone. I cannot believe we are coming up to 6 months already. It seems so weird thinking back and how much we have accomplished in the last few months. I mean who would have thought I would have passed that damn driving test and be commuting to work in a city?! My advise to anyone thinking of doing this kind of thing is just to keep going, the minute you pause to catch your breath you start to think all those thoughts like 'am I doing the right thing?' And that can seriously distract you from achieving your goals and moving forward, no matter how hard the journey may be sometimes.

Thursday was a bank holiday. Over here they celebrate Remembrance Day here on the 11th and regardless of whether it's a Thursday or not it's a day off...Quite odd having a Bank Holiday on anything other than a Monday or a Friday as you slip into weekend mind set and it's very hard to get up for work on Friday!

Nancy, Rob and I spent the day out around the Peggy's Cove Loop, The weather was beautifully blue but pretty windy along the coast. We discovered a new spot called Paddy's Head Road. Such a pretty place, a community of 9 houses on a Island, that is attached to the mainland by a small causeway and a bridge. We were hanging around there for ages, when one of the residents (Peggy) came to collect her post. We got chatting and found out that her husband (Brian) is a semi famous artist with a studio in Toronto and she kindly invited us in to her beautiful home and the studio to view the work...Amazing paintings, mostly musically inspired, with jazz musicians being the focus of many. Great house with an ocean view from pretty much every window. Needless to say this place is now on my wish list of places to live.

After leaving there we ambled along to Peggy's, stopping on the way at every blade of grass for photos, finally at Peggy's we had something to eat in the restaurant and watched the sunset.

Rob was working Saturday, so I caught up on some chores. The weather was unbelievably mild yesterday, sunny again with a high of 13 and no wind. It was very summery. Today was colder, sunny once more but around 7 degrees. We headed out to a hiking path near Peggy's (which is what I wanted to find on Thursday, but we ran out of time). The little trail takes you along to a gorgeous view of a group of islands, one of which is called Indian Island, rugged and very beautiful!

Solitude at Peggy's

The view looking out towards Indian Island

Hackett's Cove, one of the many stops on Thursday

Autumn Boat House on Waverley Road


Cowgirl on November 17, 2010 at 10:47 AM said...

Why hello there. I just discovered your blog after I googled 'mosquitos and Nova Scotia'...HAH.

Anyway, I will read more and follow along if you don't mind. Love your photos and as NS is one of favs. We too are recent immigrants to CA. (from the US) and made a choice to live in BC but NS was also on the top of our list. We have spent time visiting all over NS and still have it on our list to move to. We will be coming this spring/summer for an extended road trip to check things out again.

Its funny but it was the 'bugs' that deterred us from moving there and I want to see if they still 'bug' us as much. Pretty wimpy, I know.

Cheers from BC.

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