Sunday, November 6, 2011


A mixed bag this week and not too much to report.Halloween came and went on Monday, I rushed home from work and the trick or treating had already begun, even witht he extra candy we bought we still managed to run out but thankfully not before the last kid had come and gone. The whole thing was done and dusted by 7.30 pm and by our calculations we had about 150 kids round in the end. Rob donned his scream mask once again for the event, but only managed to scare about 3 kids this time round.

Recently more and more I have been having trouble with my ankles, my archilles tendons is where the pain is and especially first thing in the morning I have trouble walking. The pain does seem to get better throughout the day but never goes away and I am always aware of it. Enough was enough this week and I went to the doctor. There are lumps on both ankles and my doctor seems alarmed by this. he said this is not normal and is going to schedule me in for a sonogram to find out what is wrong with them. In the meantime I have been told to be extremely careful how I walk as the tendons could snap at anytime.

As you can imagine this has left me somewhat shellshocked and I have spent the whole weekend worrying about what this could mean. Rob got me some slip on ankle supports yesterday, and if nothing else they did make me feel a tad more secure in walking about. I will have to wait and see what the outcome of all this is.

Needless to say any plans I had for going out and taking photographs this weekend, I put on hold. Rob and I did however go out with Marg and Tom last night to a dance at the airbase, it was a fundraising even held by Seaside FM, and although I didn't shake my ass on the dance floor the music was very enjoyable. All 50's and 60' music mainly.


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