Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gorgeous Weather

Yes the weather has to be the topic of the day, I had Friday off and I couldn't have picked a better day and the weather has continued throughout this bank holiday weekend.

Friday night Sarah from work came round and we drank quite a few beers, ate pizza and I introduced to her a Brit flick, which was slightly unfoturnate as there was so much slang and London speak in it she had a hard time keeping track of the

Saturday I spent mostly sunning in the garden, and tidying up out there. I was quite clearly saving my energy for today, as Rob and I went on another one of those long drives (that he loves...NOT).

I wanted to poke around a little more in some of the areas along the South Shore that had, so far, eluded us. Found some lovely spots between Liverpool and Shelburne, A couple of Mills, some fishing boats, a lighthouse (of course) and finally we ended up driving round a Cape Sable Island, a thriving fishing community for sure, I saw more people there that I have done anywhere else I think. The beaches there are pretty amazing and completely empty which was utterly baffling to me...In fact every beach we stopped at today, only had a handful of people on them. As we were leaving the island, traffic was momentarily stopped for a duck crossing the road with it's chicks...So adorable!

We then drove back to Shelburne for dinner and then home, incidentally I drove all the way back! My proud purchase today was a lobster trap from an old lady in a cove that I am sure hardly anyone has ever been to. There was a shed, lots of brick-a-brac outside and money in a jar, if you want it, you take it, and pay what you think. (Common practice around these parts). Rob wasn't sure the trap was for sale but I was, and I wasn't leaving without it...I felt obliged to knock on the door of what looked like an empty shack, no one came out for ages, and then she appeared a vision in a red dressing gown. She was thrilled to see someone I think and even more thrilled we paid for the trap. Why do I want a loster trap I hear you cry? For the garden of course :o)

One more day off tomorrow and I shall be making the most of doing nothing and getting some more sun on my skin! Here are a couple of photos from today, more to follow.

Boats with island backdrop, Port Medway

Hunt's Point on the way home

Shopping 'Scotian Style' Labster Trap for sale from the red
hut in the background


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