Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Moose on the Loose

A relatively quiet week here in rather rainy Nova Scotia.
The most exciting bit of news to hit the headlines this week was a young moose wandering round in the Fairview area of the city. A pretty rare sight for these parts, I didn't even no there were any moose near here. The only ones I have seen were in Cape Breton. The poor thing cause quite a stir, but was eventually sedated to be released in a less urban area. Click here to read more about it.

This weekend was the annual scarecrow festival in Mahone Bay which Rob and I had hoped to go to, but since the rain has been pretty much non stop we decided to give it a miss. The Bluenose II was also relaunched this weekend after a lengthy time in dock being rebuilt. It was a much anticipated event and large crowds braved the weather to watch it return to the water.

As for our week, not much to report. Anne came round on Saturday to see Shakespeare and I took full advantage of her visit to sunject her to yet more British humor including Green Wing, Miranda and Life's too Short. We decided to go for an impromptu Chinese meal, which was very good, but oh so filling. Shakespeare decided he was going to be on his bast behaviour and cuddled up to Anne for most of the evening not really showing his demonic side :o)

Next week I have 3 days off and if weather permits I plan to take a trip out with Nancy on one of the days and Anne on another, I am using up the last of my holiday before my anniversary date. Many companies round here run holiday time from the day you start with the company, so each year my holiday time runs from Oct 7 to Oct 7. With the Thanksgiving bank holiday coming up, on the following Monday that will give me nearly a week of in total...Yay!

Panmure Island Lighthouse, PEI

What a fabulous Beach at Thunder Cove, PEI

Woods Islands Lighthouse, PEI

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