Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Tiring Week

Well that's one week back done and dusted. Work came hard this week after a lovely week away. I was up to my ears in billing and filing for 2 days catching up.

The weather has taken a turn for the worse so I pleased we had the good weather last week. It has pretty much rained solidly for the last 3 days, last night was torrential.

Before I left for vacation I was tasked with coming up with a design for a retail flyer to advertise the fact that we can do in store signage for local businesses. I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out, as was everyone else and that coupled with the fact I designed the full length window perfs for the new part of our company next door (8 windows in total) means that I am now getting a lot more design and marketing work to action. My next project is a billboard design. This is going to be my biggest challenge to date design wise as they are a breed apart from any other form or advertising. They have to be (in my opinion) uncluttered full of impact and straight to the point. Hence I updating the blog a day early so I can work on ideas tomorrow.

Rob and I attended camera club this week, there were a whopping 98 people in attendance. It was nice to at least see some of my friends, although it was so busy I didn't get to catch up with all of them.

The cats have settled back into their routines now thankfully, although Hamish is still making that terrible yelling noise from time to time. I still reckon he ramped it up even louder to be heard in the kennels.

I didn't mention in my last post about Celebrity Big Brother...I watched the final and was thrilled to see Julian Clary win, he was without doubt the best candidate int he house. What a lovely man.

Loads of telly coming up to watch, over here Survivor began this week right after BB USA finished. (Again the best person won in the American version too). Dancing with the stars starts next week and Strictly is back on in the UK in the next couple of weeks as well. So that should keep my reality pangs at bay for the next few months!

We will also have a new arrival in Nova Scotia on October 4. Robert, our friend and fellow Brit will be making his way across the Atlantic on his one way ticket. Really looking forward to seeing him and going for fish and chips!

Below are some more photos from our week away, including a friendly fox. PEI has many foxes and they are almost tame, this one came right up to the car as we were heading out of Cavendish beach one evening.

There are also photos of two more lighthouses, one of which is West Point Lighthouse which has to be my most favourite. The beach is lovely there and the lighthouse is superb, It has a beautiful inn attached to the back of it. A gorgeous place to stay and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean. I would love to stay there on my next visit to the island.

Finally, Happy Birthday to my friend Pam, and good luck to my friend Kim who will be running the Bristol Half Marathon for St Margaret's Somerset Hospice next weekend. If any of you reading would like to support her please follow this link and donate online:

Friendly Fox on the Scrounge
West Point Lighthouse

The Red Window
New London Lighthouse


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