Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Long Weekend

So here we are again, it's the weekend and it's a long one for most of us here as It's Memorial Day. I say most of us, I have Monday off but poor Rob doesn't. It does really depend on who you work for and what industry you are in as to whether you get the Monday as a holiday.

The weather looks pretty good for tomorrow, so Anne and I are heading out to take a few photos.
I attended camera club this week, the first time in a long time I must confess, as of late I have found the meetings somewhat tedious. I love going there to meet up with friends, but as far as the content of the meetings go, it can drag on a bit. I know that I am not the only one who has been thinking this. Having said that, this weeks meeting was actually okay. Some members presentations of images were followed by a workshop on light painting. Many who attended joined in with that.

As for other news, not much really. As I hadn't seen some of the girls in a while (due to the lack of interest in the camera club meetings) so I arranged a meet up for a Chinese meal on Saturday evening. It was nice to see them all and have a catch up. In attendance were Cheryl, Deb, Angie, Anne and Suzanne. Nancy couldn't make it as her and Wayne are in the States picking up a new car and driving it back. While I was out with the girls Smiffy and Rob went out for dinner in Dartmouth to The Celtic Corner Pub. I myself have not been there, but by all accounts the food was pretty good.

I'm a Celebrity starts tonight, I trust some of you will be watching, as ever I am exciting to get yet another dose of reality TV to keep me going over the winter months until Celeb BB starts again...I know, I am terminally sad!! On this side of the Pond I am very much enjoying The Voice, there are some great singers this year, unfortunately one of my favourites Mackenzie Bourg got eliminated this week. I also read that next season, Ceelo and Christina are bowing out of the judging and are to be replaced with Shakira and Usher. Now Shakira I think is a great choice, but surely they could get someone better than Usher?! Other (non reality) series I am watching that you may want to look out for in the UK are Person of Interest, Elementary, 666 Park Avenue and Vegas.

Until my next post, I shall leave you with Mackenzie and some more shots of our lovely Autumn!

Mackenzie Bourg's Blind Audition

Knock out round with his version of Call Me Maybe
He won this round and got booted this week singing One Direction.

Walking in Autumn - Victoria Park, Truro
Fall Colours near Parrsboro

Reflections of Autumn at Shubie Park 


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