Saturday, November 3, 2012

Trick or Treat!

It's been a busy week for me, it was month end and year end at work, so there was, and still is much paperwork to contend with. I have been more and more sluggish as the week has progressed. I can definitely feel the beginnings of hibernation mode starting to kick in.

Another Halloween has come and gone. Last Sunday I went into panic mode as I suddenly remembered we had to carve our pumpkin for Wednesday. We opted for a cannibal pumpkin theme, which everyone seemed to love and comment on. Some of my work colleagues made the effort to dress up at work, the best and scariest by far was Chris (photo below, I have given him a spooky background rather than the press he was stood in front of). I must confess I thought the wind and rain that we were having on Wednesday (thanks to Hurricane Sandy) would have put some of the trick or treaters off, but no, it was a 'full on' turn out and we had 150 kids come a knocking. Just as well we were well prepared, as the last of them slipped away we were left with just a handful of treats which we promptly ate. Anne popped over and we watched a bit of telly and about an hour after we had finished the treats a couple of giggly stragglers turned up, upon hearing we had no more candy, they asked for cheese? Rob obliged and they went on their way.

Saturday we took Shakespeare for his check up at the vet and all is well after his op. The girls there were so excited to see him especially as he was wearing his bandanna. I am proud to say he is pet of the week this week and his photo is up on the wall and on their plasma screen bearing the words 'Shakespeare White...A handsome man!' How cute is that!!! I didn't think anyone could be as crazy about that cat as I am but I was wrong :o)

The weather is a bit blah right now, just gray and not so photogenic so I have opted to do some much needed and long overdue cleaning this weekend, I am posting this early so I can crack on with the clean up tomorrow.

This years cannibal pumpkin....Terrible quality...Sorry!

Work Colleague Chris...Looking pretty scary on Wednesday!

Not so scary, Pet of the week....My boy in the bag cupboard!


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