Monday, May 20, 2013

Long Weekend...Hooray!

Apologies if you checked in on Sunday to read any updates, but it's a Bank Holiday weekend here so it gave me the extra day to catch up.

The weekend was super long for me as I took Friday off, a much needed 4 days off I must say, but alas I don't feel any less tired thanks to my love of photography taking me out and about at the weekend.

Saturday Rachael and I headed to the Annapolis Valley to see what rural delights we could find and had had a surprisingly good day. Abandoned places a plenty and definitely no shortage of barns to catch the eye. I think in total we did about 400 odd kilometres, we left at around 8 in the morning and I was back home at about 7 pm, so a long day for sure.

Robert's exam he was hoping to take this month has now been postponed due to a load of red tape and government crap. They now say he has to sit it as an apprentice, which means in he has to pay $750 for the pleasure of sitting it. It's a bloody joke! He is not the only one peed off about this, he has found other like minded souls online who  are just dumb founded at their own experiences of trying to get qualified as a Gas Fitter. There are a shortage of them here by the way, so instead of the government cash grabbing don't you think they would want to encourage and make it easier for people to get qualified. Sadly this is the side of Nova Scotia I really do hate!

Monday Rachael and I went out again down to the South Shore, but stupidly I didn't check the weather forecast and in true traditional bank holiday stylee it rained, so we really didn't take many photos and headed home early.

The Old Pontiac - Find of the Day!

School's Out for Good - Abandoned School House
 in the Valley

The Animal House...Aptly titled as we heard something
 scuttling around upstairs!


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