Sunday, May 26, 2013

3 Years and Still Blogging!

Yes dear friends, Robert and I reached our 3 year milestone in Canada on Saturday...Time sure does fly! I think we have transitioned well and have amazed ourselves at every step of the way. Here's my top five challenges checked off the list!
  1. We moved over here in the first place
  2. Against the odds and with no jobs we managed to secure employment
  3. We passed our driving tests...This was a major hurdle for me obviously as I don't like driving and get incredibly nervous.
  4. We've made some excellent friends
  5. We've sort of adapted to Winter...Although I still hate it!
And here's what's still on the to do list:
  1. Learn to love Winter...Hmmm I don't think that will happen anytime soon.
  2. Get our citizenship, this I think we will hold off doing until next year, so in the meantime we will renew out Permanent Resident status...More bloody forms and money of course.
  3. Robert to get fully qualified!
  4. Stop renting and start buying a house.
  5. Give in to the fact that getting a decent family doctor around here is as rare as rocking horse poo!
Saturday Anne and I popped along to the HRM Greenhouse Open Day, home to all of the plants that get planted around the city. A few of the camera club members went along as it was a good opportunity to get some floral and foliage shots, something I haven't taken photos of in a very long time now. I was a tad out of practice and only got a handful of shots I actually liked.

Saturday evening Rob and I went Wharf Wraps of course, to celebrate our 3 year anniversary in the only way we know how...with fish and chips and boy did they taste good.

Today Rachael and I went out in the afternoon, we were feeling a bit lack lustre but combed a nearby area looking for more abandoned gems, unfortunately pickings were slim and we were left slightly disappointed. Still there's always next weekend :o)

Until next time I leave you with some more rural and abandoned scenes from last weekend...And this thought...How do you confuse Canadian Co-Workers...By using the following expressions and words they simply do not know...Nearly all of the following I have confused people with this past week.

Iced Lolly - Popsicle
Kitchen Roll - Paper Towel
Boot - Trunk
Pebble Dash - Stucco (and I won't tell you as to why I was talking about pebble dashing, but I suspect those of you that know me might guess).
Franking Machine - Postage Machine
Jacket Potato - Baked Potato

Isn't it weird, we speak the same language and yet some things just don't translate.

Barn in the Orchard

Rural Windows

Under the Tree

Barn with a View (Would make a nice house eh?)


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