Sunday, June 2, 2013

And the Sun Came Out!

Yes indeed, it's been hot for the last three days here, I went from wearing a cardigan on Monday to sweating like I don't know what on Friday! All the foliage is super green now and looks so new and fresh everywhere.

I haven't really done much to write about this week other than going out yesterday with Rachael on a long old drive around one of my favourite areas (Pugwash and Oxford) for hunting down abandoned stuff. We visited a few old favourites of mine and sadly the search for new spots was a bit of a non event, we found a few but they didn't totally inspire me. However, we do have 3 leads to follow up for next weekend though, which could prove to be good one IF we can find them. Our trip took much longer than intended as I think we confused the sat nav and even though it only took about two and a half hours to get to our first destination, coming back it took us along every back road imaginable, a sum total of 6 hours...we left at 8 am in the morning at eventually got back at around 10.30 pm last night. As you can imagine I needed a long sleep to recover today :o)

You can tell the warmer weather has arrived as my garden lights have come out of hiding, the lawn has been cut (more than once now) and my lupins are just about to bloom. The garden (yard) such as it is, is looking quite tidy and pretty right now.

The cats and I are over heating the air conditioning unit is back in the bedroom after only a couple of days of hot weather the place is like a furnace upstairs and there is an obscene amount of cat fur everywhere.

Apparently we are due for a bug infestation in June...Joy! Cicadas live underground for 13 to 17 years, and then surface to reproduce and die. They come up annually, but this year scientists are predicting a bumper crop. Can't honestly say I am looking forward to seeing them, they are large bug eyed flying critters that on mass when sounding their mating calls sound like hissing cockroaches.

Two Barns and a Pump

House on the Hill...An Old Favourite Place Revisited

Two Chairs, a neat little find from last weekend


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