Sunday, June 9, 2013

Just a Quickie

After what seemed like a very long week, especially with inventory/stock taking on Friday night after work, I was definitely looking forward to a rest and some more photographic adventures.

Thanks to the tail and of tropical storm Andrea, Saturday was a waste of time weather wise, nothing but torrential rain and wind all day...I spent most of it in bed.

Today the weather was much better, it was mild and cloudy but no rain, so Rachael and I once again took to the back roads, this time around the South Shore in search of abandonment. We definitely had a couple of good finds and a few average ones. Robert came with us today and drove, which was nice, not only for us but for him as well, as it's been so long since he has been out anywhere due to his 'on call' rota and his revising. We left at 8 am this morning and return around 7.30 pm this evening, we have wandered and poked about in the smelliest of houses today and marched our way through a bog to get to a great little house on a hill and best of all the $18 bug spray we bought last weekend actually worked and we didn't get bitten, although I do feel like I have caught lice from one of the places...just kidding...but seriously that place made me itch.

Lost in Translation Continued...

I used the phrase 'you're a dark horse aren't you' this week at work and found out that this was yet another expression that doesn't translate! I am trying to note these as they happen as I find it highly amusing.

Abandoned Mill

Two Rooms...This one didn't smell
Mind the Gap :o)


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