Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Longest Day

Well hello blog lovers...It's a bit of a short one this week.

I attended the Camera Club on Wednesday as it was the last meeting of the season and it seemed rude not to. There were nibbles and it was the results of the annual contest. As you may know already I do enter this every year with some degree of success, although this year I must say I wasn't feeling it at all with the images I submitted, never the less I am pleased to report I scraped in with  a couple of third places for HDR and Landscape. A bunch of us headed over to Tim's afterwards for a catch up and I didn't get home till around 11 pm.

Rachael and I had a much needed weekend off taking photos this week. I definitely needed to recharge my batteries. Have no fear, weather permitting we will back at it next weekend.

Saturday night Rob and I attended Anne and Smiffy's Summer Solstice BBQ party. The food was incredible! There was a definite Brit Pack presence, The amount of Expats absolutely outnumbered Canadians. We got to meet some some new faces, Chris and Kath who have literally just landed a week ago, good luck to them for the future and Julie and Paul who have been landed since last September who are finding settling here a bit of a struggle especially employment wise and financially...As I think we all did and do. It will get better honestly! Some of the other faces, I had met before when we went bowling the last time for Smiffy's Birthday. It was very nice to see them all again.

I find it incredible to think how many Brits have moved and are moving over here. There seems to be so many of us now. But lets face it the lure of the scenery and the ocean on your doorstep is pretty hard to resist...If it wasn't for the bloody long Winter it would be perfect!

Until next time here are some more images from my back road adventures in recent weeks:

Beauty & the Blossom

Canadian Pacific

Rural Beauty


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