Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Ant Hill Mob

Sunday once more and this week has just flown by. I have had a really busy week at work doing all the large format printing for Arthur's department. Good fun though and it went by without a hitch.

This week was a bit of a first with our resident deer as well. We have been visited by a new set of three. Another mum and two younger ones. They have to be the cutest yet. The mum is quite distinctive as she has a nose that looks slightly ant-eaterish. She seems quite timid, unlike her youngsters. I caught sight of them on Thursday evening out the back of the house on top of the bank, so I quickly sliced up some apples and carrots and went out to see them, I called them and immediately one of the young ones came down followed in turn by the other one, mum came down last but stayed a little behind her babies. I did my usual thing and threw the bits of carrot and apple over to them, (they usually stay about a metre back from me) and each time one of the youngsters kept coming closer until finally he/she just took the apple straight from my hand...It was so adorable!!!!! I have nicknamed this group the Ant Hill Mob.

Friday night we had Brian and Wayne round from work. I wanted to educate them on British TV they should be watching :o) So I had them watch The Rocky Gervais Show, The Office, Phoenix Nights and Life on Mars. Ricky was a big hit as was Life on Mars, but they weren't too sure about the other offerings. We had a couple of beers and some nibbles and it was fun, but as they didn't get to our place till gone nine it was a late one and I was have been knackered ever since!

Not part of the Ant Hill Mob, but one of a group of 4. Taken a few weeks ago
when the snow was still on the ground. I will never get over the fact
that we have such tame and beautiful wildlife on our doorstep.


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