Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Lights

Well I must say it's been another rather non-eventful week, so this could be my shortest blog entry to date.

The weather hasn't been too bad at all, a mixture of sun and cloud, the temperatures are getting cooler again now though so it's definitely time to don the big coats!

Rob and I bought some new lights for the Christmas Tree this week, it didn't have nearly enough last year and we got so sick of trying to find replacement bulbs that we have changed to white LED lights this time.

After much huffing and puffing by me and several hours later, my tree was up on Friday night. I have no clue why it always takes me so long as I am certainly not particular about placement of ornaments or anything, but I can never get through it in under 3 hours.

In other news this week, I finally got an appointment date for my sonogram, it's not until the 16th of January, I shall just have to shuffle on until then, and after that I just hope they find out what's wrong quickly so I can hopefully start to rectify it.

I invited Cheryl out with me on Saturday to do a family portrait session with one of my co workers Suzanne. She asked me a few weeks ago to do it and I thought it would be good practice for me, but never having done children in the mix before I needed back up. The light was a real challenge and so was getting all to look and smile at the same time, but we got a few shots that weren't bad.

Cheryl, myself and Deb are planning to start a collaboration from next Spring, to do Weddings, Portraits and Trash the Dress shoots on weekends. We think that being 3 women and having a unique selling point of having 3 photographers at a session plus a competitive price point will hopefully bring in the bookings and cash. We are at present formulating names for the venture so we can start on the website. Deb and I already possibly have another session already and Cheryl is lining up a few weddings.

My first attempt at a Family Portrait

A shot from Mount Uniake Area a couple of weeks ago.


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