Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wind and Shopping

Well we are still here and hanging on to some good weather. A slight blip this week with some extreme wind, which they called a weather bomb. Gusting winds of 100km per hour were just a tad tricky to walk about in and for me it was a little hairy crossing the bridge!

Rob and I attended Camera Club on Wednesday, it has been quite a while since Rob has been able to attend, so it was nice for him to catch up with a few people.

On Thursday night we went shopping, we didn't leave until about 7pm and didn't get back until about 10.30pm. the trouble is with shopping here, particularly in Walmart, is there is so much to look at, Rob says constantly he hates going shopping with me as I am like a Magpie, anything shiny seems to catch my eye. Some of the Christmas decorations were on sale and I picked up a few bits to add to my tree.

Saturday night Cheryl came round, her PC is being repaired so I said she could edit some images round my place for Suzanne (the shoot we did last weekend). It was good fun watching her and sharing techniques. I also introduced her so some British telly which she loved!

Bit of a quiet week news wise, so apologies for the short entry. I can't imagine there will be too much on the agenda between now and Christmas.

More from Peggy's...Not many photos to post lately!


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