Saturday, December 17, 2011

Seasons Greetings

Another week done and dusted and this will be my last blog entry this side of Christmas. My brother will be here next week and I can't wait! We will be busy out and about hopefully weather permitting, so there will be no time for blogging.

This week has been pretty uneventful, Robert has again been working hellishly long hours and has not been getting home till late in the evenings, so he is pretty knackered.

Saturday evening we attending a party at Anne's house (Anne is another member of the camera club)...Nice spread and good company. A few of the regulars also attended including Cheryl and Deb. Anne lives in Dartmouth and her area was full of some pretty amazing Christmas lights. I have been enjoying seeing many of the houses lit up beautifully. I intend to get out and capture some of the more elaborate ones over the holidays. Until then here's one that caught my eye earlier, taken with my little point and shoot camera.

It's nearly Christmas and I don't think I have mentioned the resident deer much. In case any of you were wondering, they have been about, not as much though sadly. I had 4 of them outside the front door the other night, so I fed them an apple, as I was chucking the slices, suddenly from around the corner of my house the stag came bounding along...frightened the life out of me...and the other deer, the promptly butted them out of the way and took most of the apple for himself. So rare to see him, first time for me and I wasn't getting to near to those antlers I can tell you. He is not massively big but I reckon he could do some damage.

I have been scouting the Christmas TV in the UK...OMG, I didn't think it could get any worse, but this year has to be truly the worst yet. There is hardly anything worth watching, so I hope you all have your board games at the ready.

Whatever you are doing and whoever you are with, Robert and I wish you all a Very merry and peaceful Christmas.

Ho Ho Ho, How very Festive!

Beautiful Blue Rocks


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