Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I am back! It feels like forever since I did an update on here. Happy New Year to you all.

My brother coming to visit over the holidays made Christmas special for Rob and I, it was great having him here and although it's Winter, the weather wasn't so bad apart from a couple of days. The day after he arrived the snow came down, he helped me dig out the path and the car and we took the ferry across to Halifax, the snow didn't let up for most of the day and Clive had to invest in a hat...He also bought me one for Christmas, I will post a shot of this on my head in due course which I know all of you will find amusing.

Christmas Eve Rob and I showed Clive some of the South Shore, including all my favourites, Mahone Bay, Blue Rocks, Lunenburg and Stonehurst...Which I think had to be the coldest place on earth that day, crossing the small foot bridge there we all instantly went numb with the wind chill.

In contrast, Christmas Day was quite different, the sun was shining, and although the temperature was minus 10 there was no wind at all and it certainly felt much warmer. We wound our way around the Peggy's Cove loop (Route 333) stopping at many places along the way and ending up at Peggy's. Everything looked like a Winter wonderland, very pretty and I had never seen it all in the snow before.

On the way home we stopped off at Deb's for a quick drink and a Mince pie, then finally back home for a late Christmas dinner and some present opening. We wanted to do something Canadian with Clive, so one of his presents was a ticket to a Hockey match on December 27th, The Halifax Mooseheads vs the PEI Rockets at the Metro Centre. The Metro Centre is the largest venue in Halifax for events like this and concerts etc. The game was great, plenty of action and even a fist fight on the ice at one point. What astounded us the most though was the utter disregard for the PEI team. When Halifax scored the fanfare and celebrations were unmissable, but when PEI scored you could hear a pin drop, they were even booed after one goal. The outcome was inevitable and The Mooseheads won in the end.

We did quite a lot in a short time and of course took Clive out for Fish and Chips at Wharf Wraps, which I think we all enjoyed, we also took a drive around in the evening to check out some of the Christmas Lights, I thought some in Dartmouth were impressive until we found the battle of the lights in Halifax at two stunningly large houses in a rather posh part of town. Apparently they do this every year and take donations for the food banks. Our favourite is featured below.

As quickly at Clive came he was gone. We took up to the airport on Thursday night and said goodbye, which did not come easy for me I can tell you. Since then it's been quite dull. I was working Friday, New Year's Eve came and went and Rob and I did nothing apart from watch movies and eat chocolate. We did briefly contemplate heading down town to watch the bands and the celebrations, but it was raining most of the evening and that alone was enough to put me off so we watched it on telly instead.

Clive thanks for coming and for everything you did on the IT front. Now next time come back in Summer!

Smile...You're at Peggy's and it's minus 10 degeees!

Snowy Lobster Traps at Peggy's

Winter at Blue Rocks

Now that's what I call Christmas Lights!


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