Saturday, January 7, 2012

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The Winter continues to surprise us here, mild one day, freezing cold the next, I think it was Tuesday that the temperature was just raw, it was only about minus eight, but the wind chill made it feel like minus 20, now that was harsh! Since then it has warmed up, snowed a little, frozen over night and warmed up again. Just as well I have a collection of coats to choose from now.

I am pleased to say that I have just had another on of my images published. This time the image was of the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. I was contacted quite sometime ago by The Halcyon Gallery asking if they could use in their public art book. I was sent a copy of it this week, this Gallery exhibits and sells art all around the world and the book is stunning, there are some fantastic and unusual sculptures featured. My name and website has been included on the photo credits page at the back to the book.

I think my brother was quite surprised to hear about the crime we have here in the City during his visit, I myself was shocked this week when I heard about a lad of 16 being shot at the Dartmouth Bus Terminal...A place I frequent when the roads are bad and I get the bus to work. Thankfully the boy did survive, saved largely by his baseball cap of all things. The shooter gave himself up yesterday I read, but still it makes me a tad nervous now about getting the bus and is a reminder that I don't live in rural Somerset anymore.

Fact: Nova Scotia has the highest petty crime rate of any province in Canada.

The reason, I think is people are largely underpaid and drugs are rife. There seems to be on average 2 shootings or major incidents (i.e. armed robberies) of some sort every weekend. I know...Shocking isn't it. The best thing is of course to avoid the trouble spots. We know now where they are roughly, but it is hard to tell as unlike the UK and other places where you get very obviously defined dodgy areas, here you can literally walk from a trouble free zone into a criminal hot spot within yards of each other.

Anyway, enough of that...I headed for the dentist again this week as I have been having some pain in my teeth, I think it is where one of the fillings is, although it seems to be affecting the whole upper left side. Dr Sharma filed down a tiny bit of one filling and checked out my bite, it seems okay, but in truth I don't think it was the filling at all, I think for some reason I have developed a habit of clenching my teeth at night, I think it could be stress related. I have to keep an eye on it and may have to wear a guard in the future.

TV...A new year and thank god I have some reality shows to get me through the Winter. Celeb BB started Thursday, I am almost 100% sure that none of you reading this are watching, except perhaps you Sarah! But as you know I am the biggest BB fan. Not a bad line up, right of the bat I am routing for Natalie Cassidy and Denise Welsh to win.

Dancing on Ice returns tomorrow and I cannot wait. I trust at least a couple of you will be watching that one!

Icey Prospect

Peggy's Harbour - A Snowy Overview

Published - The Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi


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