Saturday, January 21, 2012

Epic Journey

Well, from not much happening around here, it's been all change this week. It all started on Friday 12th January when I found out at work that there were going to be some redundancies and that I was possibly going to be one of them, but I was also told that they didn't want to lose me at all, which was nice!

The redundancies would affect not only the Halifax branch but the Dartmouth branch as well, and that there was a possibility that I may get transferred from Halifax to Dartmouth.

I took all the news in my stride surprisingly. My normal mode would be full on panic, but I think I had been expecting this since October of last year when Suzanne returned from maternity leave, so it wasn't really a shock, anyhow, I just decided to wait and see what would happen.

I had Monday off for my appointment at the hospital regarding my ankles, it was actually an ultrasound not a sonogram as I kept calling it. I asked the woman doing it if she could see what was wrong and she said it was a major thickening of the tendons, but the results will be passed on to my doctor and if it is something that needs addressing further he will call me...?

The same day I also signed up with a staffing agency in preparation for losing my job. They were really nice and hopeful of finding something for me even if it's temp work. I also started applying for new jobs online, as yet I have yet to hear anything from them.

Tuesday I went into work and was immediately told I was being transferred on Wednesday. This came as a shock to all of them in the office. Vickie I think was the most annoyed and upset by it as we have such a great working relationship. In truth though they were all upset, which was quite touching.

Wednesday I started in Dartmouth, I was nervous driving in as I didn't know what to expect. I already knew some of the people over there, so it wasn't like I was heading completely into the unknown. So far I have really enjoyed my first few days there getting to know people and finding my groove. I have my own little office and have been billing and helping out where I can. Their filing is in disarray, so I am sorting that out for them and as of next week I will also be helping out with large format B/W printing, this would involve finding the files in the database and sending them to print for the girls to collate and bind for rush orders.

Yesterday, snowed quite a bit, I cleaned my car off around 4.30pm (in a blowing blizzard) and left work at 4.45pm to start my journey home, I kid you not, the journey to and from work normally takes no more that 10 minutes, but yesterday because a large percentage of Nova Scotian drivers cannot seem to drive properly, there were accidents just about everywhere on all major routes, and my 10 minute journey home turned into an epic 2 hours and 15 minutes.
I have no patience and I was literally going mad in the car! If I were a cartoon there would have been steam coming out of my ears.

Everywhere is white today outside, it looks really pretty and tomorrow is supposed to be really sunny so I think Cheryl and myself are going to head out to Peggy's for some more picture taking, hence I am updating the blog early this week.

Bleak House - Terence Bay Lighthouse

Blue Rocks, Red Shack

Across the Rooftops at Peggy's


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