Sunday, January 29, 2012

Slow News Week

Well after all the events of the last week and a half it is kind of nice to have a slow news week once more.

Cheryl and I ventured out last Sunday, I foolishly thought the weather forecast said minus 7, but in actual fact is was minus 17 and then some! I only wore the one pair of jeans and my legs were pretty much numb for most of the day! We went down to a local park called The Dingle and took a few shots there, then went on to Herring Cove and finally to The Heart Shaped Pond...Which was a tad tricky as I couldn't see where the snow ended and the pond began, thankfully I didn't fall in! After being out in all that cold air we had built up an appetite and headed off for a late brunch.

I was surprised to see the roads were still in quite bad shape as we traveled around the City, I think it is possibly the worse clean up job I have seen to date as usually they are pretty good at getting those ploughs out on the roads, I am guessing that with all the chaos on Friday it made it difficult for the ploughs to actually get out and about and do their stuff.

Talking of the City, Radio Station Q104 caused a bit of a stir this week. They ran an advert saying that HRM would be fining people on a per bulb basis if they didn't take down their Christmas lights by the end of the January. Many people, including me believed it, and I thought it was a great idea! I just cannot stand folk that leave up their Christmas lights all year round, it's just plain tacky in my opinion.

Sadly though the City officials had nothing to do with this ad and it was all a prank...But I think at least some people did take down the

A quick word about Celebrity Big Brother. I loved this series and am gutted it has ended. Pleased that Denise won but was actually hoping that Frankie might win come the end. I couldn't stand that boy going in and I loved him by the end of it. Funny how in 3 weeks opinions can change eh?

I am a bit low on reality shows to watch right now which is making me a bit twitchy. I think new series of Survivor, The Voice and Dancing with Stars start soon, thank god!

The Dingle

A Bit Parky :o)

Beautiful Prospect!


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