Saturday, June 23, 2012

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Well it must be said Smiffy, definitely picked a good time to come over and land weather-wise. The past few days have been gorgeous. Friday was by far the hottest day. My lawn chair has seen some action this week and I am starting to get a bit of a tan going now. The weather spell got broken though this weekend and we have had some rain...Boo. I am sure it will be back to sun again next week though.

I met Smiffy for lunch on Wednesday, we had lunch at a cafe opposite where I work, the food is fab there and it was pretty packed when we got there. He has been busy meeting people and networking for future employment in the area. He has also possibly sorted out some future training with some of the software guys at my place of work. Rob and I saw him again on Thursday evening when he came round to our place bringing lots of beer with him...Thank you again Robert for that it was very kind of you.

Wednesday evening was the last meet up of the camera club before the Summer break. It was awards night for the end of year comp and I am pleased to report I placed in 3 of the 8 categories, winning the Macro category for my Oil on Water image. For this I received a framed print of my image.

One of the upcoming events next month is the Tall Ship festival. I have not actually seem them here before, so I booked up to go out on a boat for the day to photograph the ships from the water which I am really looking forward to. I have a week off coming up in July and will be spending the week mostly out and about with Nancy. We have booked a motel in Cape Breton for at least one night, we may end up staying a couple. No doubt we will take far to many photos.

I am also excited to report that Dallas has returned to TV...I love it. It's a blend of old and new characters, focusing on the next generation, John Ross and Christopher Ewing, but of course, it wouldn't be Dallas without the old faces, Bobby, Sue Ellen and good old JR are also back along with the the original theme music. I have included a trailer below. If it comes on TV in the UK watch it.

Oil on Water - 1st Place Macro

A Postcard from Abandoned Nova Scotia -
2nd Place Digital Darkroom

Rural Shed - 3rd Place B/W


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