Saturday, June 16, 2012

Smiffy has Landed

You may have read the comments on the message board from Robert (smiffy to his web cam friends), he has been going through a similar immigration process ours. Well this week he finally landed and got himself registered officially as a permanent resident. He is spending 10 days here networking and sorting stuff out before he heads back to the UK to finish up his life there. He will return for good to Nova Scotia in the Autumn.

His landing was not quite as pain free as ours as he had to land in Ottawa due to his direct flight being cancelled. He was met there by what sound like a 'jobs worth' of the highest order. He was given a grilling over his finances. (You have to show you have a certain amount of funds available to be accepted into the country). He has the funds but they are mostly tied up in his house in the UK. Point of fact is, he wouldn't have got his visa to land if he couldn't have proved this in the first place, so the grilling he got was just plain stupid. Luckily he made it through eventually as was able to get his connecting flight to Nova Scotia.

We met up with him on Friday night for the obligatory trip to Wharf Wraps for Fish and Chips (which was well received). We decided to head out on Saturday for an excursion along the South Shore to Some of our favourite haunts, as Robert want to catch up on the progress of the Bluenose II in Lunenburg. I invited Nancy along for the ride too. All four of us had a lovely day as the weather was beautiful, as you can see from the images below.

In other news this week, the Focus went in for it's 100,000 km service and MVI (Motor vehicle inspection)...$900 later the brakes got fixed. This was a blow to our finances I can tell you.We were expecting it to cost a fair bit for the service but not that much!

A quick shout out to my dad...Happy Fathers Day! I hope to see you tweeting soon! I love the fact you called it my tweeting page :o)

Finally, I have also added the latest additions to the Rona Ads...Cutting corners hanging doors has to be my favourite so far.

Beautiful, Colourful Stonehurst

The Old Out House, Stonehurst

Blue Rocks

Smiffy Photographing Lunenburg


Rona...Cutting Corners...The best ads on TV!


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