Saturday, June 9, 2012


Well the day has come, I thought it would never, ever happen but I have broken into the world of social media and started tweeting. It happened quite by accident really as I was looking at an interesting art blog that had featured one of my images, I wanted to see what all the tweeting was about and had to join up to expand the conversations and now here I am following, Kevin Spacey, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Karl Pilkington, Denis Leary and my brother! So if you are of a mind to, you can follow me on there. You can be rest assured though I will still never do the Facebook thing!!

Not much to report this week, been a bit quiet socially apart from a quick trip out to the Photo Club on Wednesday night. Only one more meeting to go and then it all breaks up for Summer. Work has been crazy busy, our company has bought up another business in Halifax and is expanding once again. The new part of the business (offset printing) has just moved in next door and there has been a lot of noise and dust this week as the builders knocked through from our side into the other units. I think my role will be changing slightly as I will become more full time admin and invoicing (and boy will I have my work cut out), but I am pleased about this as I will be less involved in the production side of things.

In other news, you may have heard they caught up with the suspect in the body parts case, they found him in an internet cafe in Berlin. Thank goodness they caught him I say. Another foot and hand turned up in the mail in Vancouver at two schools this week...They were from the same victim who's parts were mailed and found in Montreal. Now they just have to wait to extradite him back to Canada. They still have not found the head yet. Awful story!

TV and Big Brother UK has started...Hooray! I am just getting warmed up to some of the people in there, no instant favourites as yet, but I am hopeful it will be an entertaining Summer. I watched the final of the Apprentice and thought the right person won in the end. Just a shame he goes by the name Ricky Martin...Living la via loca, popped into my head every time they mentioned his name.


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