Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Faces and Places

Sunday again, I have no clue where the time goes these days. When I was in the UK I seem to have tons of time on my hands and never wanted to do much with it, since I have been here I don't feel like have stopped.

Busy week at work as always. In the evenings I have been wading through a 1000 plus images I took on the model shoot last weekend. I have to have a disc for each of the models by this Wednesday and I am no where near finishing at this time.

As you know I upload many of my images to Flickr and through Flickr I Have made some great friends in the last 3 years. On Saturday Nancy and I headed over to Halifax to meet up with Bev and her husband Jim her were visiting from Ontario. They were in town for a Quilting event and had a few days in the City before they head off to Lunenburg to visit with family and do some sightseeing.

It was great to meet them, what a wonderful couple. We had a lovely lunch with them down on the waterfront as it was such gorgeous weather. We decided to get the ferry across from Dartmouth to save on parking, Nancy made me laugh so much as she has only ever been on the ferry once, and found it all very exciting.

Once on the Halifax side another happy coincidence took place, We spotted Dean (a fellow member of the Photo club) in one of the restaurants, he jumped up to say hello and introduce us to his lunch friend, Keith...Also a visiting Flickrite from Vancouver and I contact of mine. It was so neat to put faces to these people I have known in cyberland!

Nancy, Rob and I also took a ride out to the Valley this weekend. The goal...To see this year's art installation. Personally I think these doors have to be my most favourite yet. We then headed out Canning way. I must have passed the lighthouse there so many times and not even noticed it...So it was a real treat to photograph it. It was once active up until the 1930's guiding ships into Canning Harbour after that it was moved and restored by Fieldwood Heritage Society. Hopefully this isn't on the cull list of lighthouses!!!

After stopping at Canning we headed to a small inlet nearby called Pereau. I hadn't been there before. Great little view, the tide was out exposing all the red mud.

In other news, some terrible goings on this side of the pond. I have been following the awful story of body parts that were found in Montreal and Ottawa. I am sure you must have all heard or read about it by now. They have a suspect and they think he has fled to France. There are plenty of images online of him and a video audition of a talent show he applied for in Ontario. He is young and beyond creepy and he has the profile of a classic serial killer. If they don't find him I firmly believe he will do it again. And then just yesterday there was a shooting in the Eaton Centre in Toronto. Several people injured some critically, reports say the suspect is still at large. Canada in my mind was the last bastion of a fairly safe place to be as far as crime goes but now I am not so sure.

Moving on from the macabre, I have a new addiction, and my brother will find this amusing. First time I drunk the stuff I hated it, but for some reason, I have changed my mind and now I cannot get enough of it...Root Beer. I love it! My memory is pants these days, as I drift through a new life and seem to be struggling to remember parts of the old...So do we have Root Beer in the UK? I don't know. Wishing everyone a wonderful, long Jubilee weekend.

The 2012 Doors in Grand Pre
Borden Lighthouse
Bev and Jim

Impressive clouds along the waterfront - taken from the ferry


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