Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Natal Day!

Sorry Folks, I am a day late this week! It's Natal Day weekend here, so today is a bank holiday and as you can imagine I wasn't hanging around inside when I could be out and about doing other stuff.

This week on Wednesday Rob and I had a rare night out on a 'School night' we headed over to the Lower Deck in Halifax to see the band Signal Hill (We love them and haven't see them play in ages). The reason we were there is to meet up with two ladies we mat way back in May 2010 Linda and Brenda were visiting from Alberta and met us about a week after we landed here. They were back in town for another vacation and this time they had their cousin Bonnie with them. Think it's fair to say a large amount of beer was drunk. Rob and I had to leave before the end of the night sadly, to get the ferry back over to Dartmouth. When asked if they were coming again in another 2 years, they said it was our turn to go visit them :o) Brenda, Linda, if you are reading this, I hope you managed to stagger back to the hotel okay!

Saturday was hellishly hot, so I actually didn't do much all day. Rob and I headed out later in the evening to watch the Natal Day fireworks, they were pretty impressive as always.

Yesterday myself, Cheryl, Anne, Deb and Angie went out for the day along the Eastern Shore, the scenery was lovely, the humidity was not! It was a weird weather day, very sunny for the most part and then later on it got foggy, but it was still very humid.

We visited the Memory Lane the 1950's Museum and The Fisherman's Life Museum....And that is where my ongoing dilemma began. I met the most beautiful kitten there. Deb said all she saw was my arse stuck in the air and she guessed I had found a cat. This little chap was so incredibly endearing. He is male and his sister has just been re-homed, so he is lonely and looking for company. He loved being cuddled and fussed and had the sweetest nature, so gentle and adorable. The ladies at the museum want him to be re-homed, and I want to home him. I couldn't just say yes, so I have spoken to Rob and we are going to find out how much it cost to get him all his jabs and his op. Then we will make a decision. I know he will be such a brilliant cat based on his personality.

They said they would keep him for me until after we go away in September if need be. Which would be a help. The only thing that is really holding me back is Hamish. I don't know how he will react to another cat around now. Hamish had a visit to the vet this week and he has been officially diagnosed as deaf. He cannot hear anything at all. This of course broke my heart. There is nothing that can be done. His deafness came on very suddenly in the last few weeks and this is apparently quite common with older cats. Hamish has just celebrated his 15th Birthday!

So watch this space to find out what we decide. If the little kitten does join the White household his name will be Shakespeare. In the last 2 years I have met many potential Shakespeare's, but I think this one could be the one!

After the girls dragged me away from the cat, we headed to Anne's parent's place on the waterfront. Gorgeous place, lovely neighbours and great deck. We had a wonderful evening and a superb dinner cooked by Anne's mum. We were hoping to capture the sunset there but the fog put an end to that.

Natal Day (A composite of the fireworks and the city)

Could this be the new member of the White household?

He is pretty hard to resist!


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