Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nasty Nails

Well here we are again, it's Sunday and it's late and I have yet to write this post, so I had better get a move on.

Luckily I have little to report, the weather has been 'full on' sunny again all week, thankfully though the humidity seems to have let up and it's just rather lovely!

Shakespeare's anitcs at night have continued to keep me awake on the hour every hour, so by Friday my eyes were hanging out my head. I was thrilled to have a bit of a lie in yesterday and today.

During the week two of my closest work buddies and I were outside taking a break and I mentioned that I must get the razor out and get rid of the hairs on my toes...To which they laughed and said, never mind the hairs, sort those bloody toenails out...! How very rude, but oh so funny and true.

I am not a fan of feet, and I really don't like dealing with my own, my toenails have a tendancy to curl into ingrowing looking toenails and they aren't very appealing, plus where I broke one of my toes recently I think the nail is gradually coming off, is just looks darker than the rest and seems to be growing lop sided. So this comment was all the incentive I needed to get a pedicure this weekend and oh what a transformation, they look so good. I think this is something I might just do on a more regular basis from now on.

Nancy has been away on her travels around Newfoundland, so I have been missing her the last couple of weeks, thankfully she is back now and we had the chance to catch up at the lake on Saturday, we had a lovely swim and I got to meet another friend of her's called Norma. The water was so warm, and someone has thoughtfully cleared some of the larger rocks out of the way where we enter.

Today Rob and I returned to the lake as the weather was again sunny and hot, we spent a couple of hours just swimming and sitting out in the sun.

Next weekend is a long weekend as it's Labour Day. So I am looking forward to that. Shakespeare has to go to the vets on Saturday for his booster jabs, but other than that no plans as yet.

I am enjoying Celeb BB, I suspect none of you are wathcing except Sarah possibly! Julian Clary to win!! I see that Dallas the new series (which I have now seen over here) starts this week in the UK on Channel 5....Go on people give it go, it's great!!!

Until next weekend I will leave you with yet another photo of my new little fury friend!

Just how cute!


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