Sunday, August 19, 2012

Havoc Reigns Supreme!

Well I don't know what kind of week you have all had, but mine has been pretty tiring. The heat has been killer. The humidity has just about finished me off.

I took Monday off work to settle in Shakespeare a little bit more before leaving him in lock up in the spare room during the day. Hamish has got a little better throughout the week, but has still launched the odd attack and hissed endlessly at him. We have kept them separate at night, until last night, when I thought I would try them both together on our bed. As soon as the lights went off, Shakespeare did settle down, but he couldn't decide who he wanted to cuddle up with more, Rob or me, and every few minutes butted his nose into our noses. This went on for a while and then he decided that I was definitely more fun to keep awake, so there was plenty of squeaking and butting on the hour every hour. Needless to say I am knackered today.

I don't really have too much else to report, all news has been centred around the chaos in the house.
Rob and I did manage to get out yesterday to the photo club annual BBQ for a couple of hours, which was quite relaxing!

Photography seems to have gone out the window until thins settle down here. I have been watching Celeb BB of course and loving it so far. Julian Clary, Martin Kemp or Julie Goodyear to win for me! Of course it's early days and I could change my mind. There seem to be a lot of fillers in there, and I am annoyed to Colleen Nolan in there! What is it about the Loose Women Crew, if one does Dancing on Ice the other has to follow, and now the same with BB.

Power napping, it's been a hard week!


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