Sunday, January 27, 2013

@#*?!% Cold!

This week has been beyond cold. All week the temperatures have ranged from -13 to -28 with the wind chill. More than 10 minutes outside and your face feels like you have had an inordinately large amount of botox injected into it. On the plus side it has been sunny.

It's been another busy week at work the temperatures don't seem to have deterred people from working, or orders coming in. By Friday I finished getting all the new stuff up in the showroom and it looks pretty neat. We printed an internal door and some ceramic wall tiles which are now on display, these are by far my favourite items we have printed to date on the flatbed printer and the fact you can turn a 29c plain white tile into a custom design is something that definitely appeals to me. I shall be taking some photos this week for an up coming conference, so next time I blog I might put a couple of them up for you to see.

In other news, my friend Suzanne lost her husband this week after a long battle with Alzheimer’s.

Nancy, Deb, Cheryl and I went along to the funeral on Saturday to support her. Even though I didn't know him, it was incredibly sad, but the service/Mass was very beautiful and quite uplifting with the choices of prayer and song.

Robert and I will be heading of for a week's break in the sun on Friday this week, we are meeting my Dad and Marjorie down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a cruise around the Caribbean, which I am so looking forward to. As I get back the day before my birthday and will have much to sort out, a few of us are celebrating on Feb 23 and going out guessed it fish and chips!

So this will be my last update for a couple of weeks, I hope to return with a arsenal of photos to share. Finally, birthday wishes go out to my friend Lorraine for Feb 3,  I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Until next time here are some more images from Peggy's Cove and some forgotten images from the archives.

Another Postcard from Peggy's

A Bit Ropey

Winter at Peggy's Cove (2012)

Faded Beauty


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